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Chakra Balancing Hypnosis
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Chakra balancing meditation visualization

Chakra balancing meditation and visualization

Chakra Exercises: learn how to use your energy centers

The following easy Chakra exercises will help you control your Chakra balance. Many people believe that good health follows chakra energy.

This page gives some shakra exercises to teach you how to get the energy of the seven chakras balanced, and how to use Chakra techniques for meditation and chakra healing.

Chakra balancing meditation is simple. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and visualize your chakras. Then begin to use these Chakra healing exercises to focus on your spiritual energy.


Chakra Balancing Visualization Exercises

Learning to use the Chakra energy centers

There are seven chakra energy centers in the body. Each chakra is associated with a color, and each chakra reflects the state of one part of your body and mind. Each chakra energy center connects to all the other chakra energies. Think of the seven chakras like glowing, moving balls of color. Each chakra is independent, but every chakra affects every other chakra. When all the chakra points have the same brightness, the same energy, then the chakra is in balance, and the body is healthy.

The Chakra Centers
First Chakra: The Crown Chakra...

The Crown Chakra is Purple. The crown chakra is located on the very top of your head. The Crown chakra is the source of self awareness, of spirituality and oneness with the universe.

Second Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra....

The Third Eye Chakra is Indigo. Also called the Brow Chakra. The third eye chakra is located on the forehead, just above the space between the eyebrows. The third eye chakra lets you view yourself in perspective, and is the source of intuition and self knowledge.

Third Chakra: The Throat chakra ...

The Throat Chakra is Blue. The throat chakra is located between the chin and the top of the ribs. The throat chakra controls self expression. Public speaking, asking for what you want, making your needs known, are all associated with the throat chakra.

Fourth Chakra: The Heart chakra....

The Heart Chakra is Green. The heart chakra is located in your chest, in the middle of the breastbone. The heart chakra is the center of love. This includes romantic love, family love and love of yourself. A balanced chakra lets you give love and receive love.

Fifth Chakra: The Solar Plexus chakra...

The Solar Plexus Chakra is Yellow. This chakra is located just below the bottom of the ribs. The solar plexus chakra governs self esteem, how you think about yourself, your self worth. The solar plexus chakra controls your feelings, and everything to do with the intellect and self image.

Sixth Chakra: The Sacral chakra...

The Sacral Chakra is Orange. The sacral chakra is located just below the bellybutton. The sacral chakra determines our self respect, our self image and our relationships with others.

Seventh Chakra: The Basal chakra...

The Basal Chakra is Red. The basal or root chakra is located inside the base of the spine. The basal chakra deals with feelings of security, self worth, every aspect of looking after yourself.


These seven chakras determine your spiritual balance, your health and well being. The seven shakras are not physical, you cannot see them. But you can sense them. Think of them as spirals of subconscious spiritual energy. They interact with our nervous system which is why it is possible to sense them by thinking about them.


Guided Chakra Exercises

Everyone can learn to become aware of their own chakra energy.

If you think you are not managing your energy levels properly and you want to increase your Chakra awareness, then you need to do some Chakra exercises. Here are a series of exercises that focus on your chakras going from simple energy awareness to increasingly complex Chakra Balancing.


First Chakra Visualization exercise: Awareness

Allow your body to become relaxed, and then close your eyes.

What is happening right now in your body?

Become aware of what you feel. Think about where your back touches the chair, your feet on the floor, the position of your head, the weight of your arms, beating of your heart...

Allow yourself to be very still... to just become aware, become mindful, of what is happening in and around your body... focus on your breathing... become very aware of the breath as it enters and leaves... feel it inside your nose.... imagine it going down deep inside you.... Breath slowly and naturally for several minutes... all the time just focusing on the out breath... and allowing you mind to calm down.... allowing your body to release and relax...

Then imagine a line running from the top of your head to a the point between your ankles. It doesn't matter if you are standing, sitting or lying down.

Visualize each chakra in turn, spending a few moments getting a feel for the place where the chakra is located.

Slowly think about a point on the very top your head... as if there was a string pulling you up...

then move your attention to the middle of your forehead.... imagine a feeling of being rubbed there... imagine fingers making a circular motion...

then think about the throat chakra.... feel an awareness of something there, like a wheel gently turning...

then think about the heart chakra... imagine a soft light glowing inside your chest... you may feel it moving....

then move your attention to the solar chakra... just below your breastbone... become aware of a gentle movement... like waves lapping on a shore far away...

then move down to the sacral chakra.... become aware of an area of sensitivity at or below the belly button...

and think of the basal region... the chakra around the area where your legs join together... this often feels like the echo of another beating heart...


Don't force anything... take your time.... go over each place several times... some might be elusive... hard to find... but you will sense some connection along that imaginary line...


Most people will gradually become aware of some part of their body that is a little different, that seems out of balance with the rest. It might be more tense, or more tired, or just be trying to get attention.

Some people can feel very little at first, but everyone gets better with practice. Repeatedly resting your eyes and getting in touch with your own body's responses will prove to you that practice does increase the ability to be self aware, and that you can train yourself to notice the state of your energy sources. Enjoy the stillness, and let your mind drift around your body. Don't be surprised if you find you have been away longer than you thought. That just means you are learning chakra balancing naturally.


Second Chakra Visualization Exercise: Wrist chakra

This chakra exercise shows that you can become aware of the power of the chakras. Sit comfortably with your hands on your thigh, fingers upwards. Shrug your shoulders a little, loosen your body and focus your mind on the wrists of each hand. You will find something different in the way each hand feels. You might find your mind wants to settle on just one hand, or maybe you can focus on both.

Continue to focus your mind on the wrists. Allow your mind to gradually become aware of the pulse in the wrist. As you focus you will become more and more aware of feeling of the pulse, of the blood in hands. Some people feel the pulse in the thumb. As you continue to focus on the pulse you will start to sense temperature differences in parts of the hand, the wrist usually gets warmer. Some people will find that one hand will start to tremble, or the fingers will twitch. This is because there is a minor chakra in the wrist, and focusing on the chakra causes it to interact with the nervous system. The focused energy of the chakra is what is making the hands warmer or colder, and causing the muscles to twitch. When you have a response, allow your mind to think of images of peace and safety, and then, when your are ready, return the feeling in your hand to normal.

The Chakra exercise demonstrates that focusing on the chakra undoubtedly does have a physical effect on the body.


Third Chakra Visualization exercise: Optimizing Energy Levels

Close your eyes, take three deep slow breaths.

Go through the steps of the Chakra Awareness Visualization Exercise.

Get in touch with your body, focus on the spirals of energy down your spine.

Go slowly up and down, sensing each chakra, its color, its vibration.

One of them will seem different from the others.

Focus on that one.

Allow your mind to open, to become very attuned to that chakra.

Then visualize the chakra as a glowing ball of light.

Allow the ball to be where it wants to be, it might be on the spine, it might move in front of you, even right out of your body. It doesn't matter. Let it decide.

Allow your mind to focus on the ball of light, notice how it is. It might be steady, or spinning, or pulsating, it may slowly get lighter or darker... or anything else... it depends.

Then start to think about what you want to have happen to that ball of energy.

You might want it to be bigger, or brighter, or slow down, or to start rotating.... each person is different, and each person will sense exactly what state of the energy is right for them.

Take as long as it needs to get the ball of energy the way you want it.

You will know when it is right.

Then move the ball back to its rightful place.

Don't be alarmed if you feel something strange going on. It is just the energy levels getting back into harmony.

Then do the same process with the next chakra.

And the next.

You might not be able to do them all in one session.

When you have done as many as you can or as many as you want to, imagine climbing up each chakra until you reach the Crown Chakra. When you reach the crown chakra become aware of all that accumulated energy, and let it pull you out and back to full awareness.

This exercise puts all the chakras into the optimal state and you will find an increase in the energy flow of your body.

Improved energy flow leads to improved health and well being.


Fourth Chakra Visualization exercise: Balancing

Close your eyes, take three deep slow breaths.

Go through the steps of the Chakra Awareness Visualization Exercise.

Get in touch with your body, focus on the points of energy down your spine.

Go slowly up and down, sensing each chakra, its vibration, its energy.

When you are fully in touch with your body, imagine drifting out of your body.

You can imagine floating up near the ceiling, or you might find yourself just standing watching yourself. It might happen slowly or you might suddenly find you are outside looking at your body. You may not see your own body, but you will be able to sense it.

From that position, notice the colors and brightness of each chakra.

Some may look duller than the others, or one might seem smaller or maybe one will be out of position.

Whatever the problem is, imagine you can reach in and hold the chakra in your hands.

Just let it lie there. Become aware that you can alter the chakra. You can make it brighter or bigger or whatever it needs. Just think about what needs to happen and it will happen automatically. You don't need to force it... just let it change.

When it has changed you will know, and you can let it return to its place.

Repeat the process with each Chakra until they are all identical.
You will then have achieved Chakra Balance and your whole body's energy levels will be balanced for perfect health.



Practice Chakra

You need practice to exercise your Chakra ability. You might not be able to sense your chakras immediately, but it will work. You might need some patience but it will come naturally. Everyone can get in touch with their own energy centers. Everyone has the ability to change how they feel by doing a Chakra Meditation Visualization.

These Chakra exercises show that Chakra Balancing and traditional Chakra Meditation is actually a form of self hypnosis and can also be combined with Meditation and Mindful Affirmations.