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Goal Setting

A guide to self development: setting goals, dropping limiting thinking, developing your own potential, choosing to change.

These powerful techniques will change your life.


The techniques are all easy to learn. They have all been proven to be effective. You only get one life so make the most of it and use these exercises to unlease your potential.

Create your own Future

Change your life today

Most people drift through life without a goal and then worder why they don't get anywhere. The single most important thing in life is knowing what you want.

Doing these two exercises right now might change your life in surprising ways.

Click on the questions:

How Do I know what I really want?

How do I know what I can do?


Try them now to learn about yourself and your own motivations.


Daily Affirmations quotes

Affirmations Quotes

Affirmations for all situations. By constantly repeating a daily affirmation your subconscious mind is cancelling your negative thinking.

List of Positive Affirmations

Writing Daily Affirmations

Making Affirmations Work for you

Tarot Based Affirmations

Set your goals

Self Help Goal Setting

What will you have achieved by the end of today?

Where will your life be like in five years' time?

What do you really want?


The Miracle Question

Key Beliefs

Laws of Success

Set Your Goals

How to Journal

How to say 'No'

Stopping Bad Habits

Silence the Critical Voice

Guided Visualization


Creative visualization is about using your imagination to get what you want. This section leads to Guided Visualization Exercises for goal setting.

Creative Visualization

Guided Visualization

Chakra Balancing Visualisation

Sports Visualisation

Focusing Visualization Exercise

Meditation Techniques


Learn how to meditate.

How to meditate Meditation Techniques

What is mindfulness? Meditation Mindfulness

How to be mindful Mindfulness Exercises

How to breath properly Breathing Exercises

Hypnosis and the Spirit Spirituality and Hypnosis

Meditation on Money Meditation on Money & Wealth

Meditation on Confidence Meditation on Confidence & Assertion

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