It's never too late to change the past
Change the past

A Catalog
      of Magic

A Catalog
      of Magic

How to leave the past behind

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The Catalog of Magic
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Leave behind the past

This metaphor uses a common experience, looking through a merchandise catalogue. It leads into trance and then gives the listener several ways to change their own past and to create a new future. The basic metaphor is 'no matter what happened to make you what you are now... it can be changed'. This metaphor is one answer to 'How can I change my life?'.

The script starts with a visualization induction to put the listener into trance. Then it takes the listener to several different pages in the book. One page offers the opportunity to paint your life the way you want it to be. Another page is about gardening, and allows you plant a magic garden. One page is about how to create a mosaic picture from the bits of your life and to keep rearranging the bits until you get a picture you like. One page lets you pick and choose from the strands of your life, so that you can weave the strands into a new garment for yourself.


The Catalogue of Magic


Setting the scene

A friend of mine told me a story that I think might interest you... it seems my friend received a large package in the post one day... a really heavy package bound up in cardboard.... but it had no sender's address on it.... My friend took it inside... and sat down in comfortable chair and carefully opened the wrappings.... and inside was a merchandise catalogue... a thick book with glossy pictures of all sorts of things for sale...



and on the front cover was the name... A Catalogue of Magic... and it said... 'Look within' .... the front cover had a picture.... it was hard to make out what it was... I wonder if you can imagine a spiral... and if that spiral was to start slowly turning... how you might find yourself falling into that spiral... feeling yourself going down and down... and as you go down and down... how all the colours can begin to fade... like lights going out in city at night.... and how that feeling comes of gently sinking... safe and secure... down and down... and how each breath can make you more relaxed... more and more relaxed... and you can imagine falling.... sinking... drifting away.... and as all the lights go down you can become so relaxed.... nothing to do... but breathing gently now... and maybe you can feel how deeply you are relaxing with each breath out... and how good it can be to just let go... and enjoy being relaxed... lying there... listening to my voice... relaxing ever deeper and deeper... and maybe you can imagine a large book... and how you open a book.... and turning the pages... and seeing a page inside



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The rest of this script is available in the Metaphor Scripts Collection

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And eventually, I don't know how long... my friend closed the book... and was looking at the cover again... and the spiral started to turn the other way... and the lights and the colours got brighter.... and when that spiral stops you can find your self back in the present... feeling refreshed... and knowing that deep inside part of you is making the changes you want or maybe it has already happened? Who knows? That's the thing with magic, isn't it?