a gentle walk into trance hypnosis induction
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Walk in the Park
Walk in the Park
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Walking in the park hypnosis induction

Walk in the Park Induction

A visualization and breathing induction based on memories of a slow gentle walk outdoors. Using memories this way allows the mind to slip into trance almost without noticing.



Walk in the park INDUCTION SCRIPT
  I once had an old friend who liked to go for walks... walks around town... walks in the country... walks by the shore...and no matter where you are... my friend said... you can always find a pleasant walk .... I Dissociation
Memory And I wonder if you can remember a time...when you went for a walk ... somewhere nice... just for relaxation... maybe by a river... or in the country... or it could be a park or somewhere like that   Invoke memories of relaxation
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  [either do a deepener, or a convincer and then carry on with the therapy]