Hypnotic New Year's Eve Induction
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New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve trance induction

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New Year's Eve Induction Script

Welcome the New Year with this hypnotherapy Script

New Year hypnosis inductionThe New Year's Eve hypnosis script uses the imagery of the clock ticking down to midnight on New Year's Eve, or as we Scots call it, Hogmanay. This script has a specially written induction and deepener on the New Year theme. Use it with a hypnotherapy session to help people make the changes they need to make in the New Year.



Welcome the New Year Hypnosis Script

Moving forward into a new time


New Year's Eve Clock Induction

  Now imagine yourself in a room somewhere... and it's the 31st of December... coming up to midnight.... the last day of the year... soon it will be a new year... maybe a time for a fresh start...   Seeding change
  and take a breath now... and relax as you breathe out... and allow your body to relax completely...    
  and focus on your breathing... focus on the gentle in and out of your breath... that's right....    
  and now imagine it's the final minute before midnight....    
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  - - - - - The rest of this script is in the Hypnosis Inductions eBook - - - - -    
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