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Hypnosis: people who can't visualize

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Kinesthetic hypnosis Induction script

Hypnosis induction for people who can't visualize

Some people find it easy to visualize, and others don't, so some people do not respond to hypnosis induction scripts like the Staircase induction. There is nothing wrong with the staircase induction method, but no one hypnotic script works for everyone. The problem is that many people are kinesthetic - they can't visualize. Kinesthetic people learn by touching and holding objects, by imagining that they are holding something in their hands or feeling something in their body. This is quite common, about ten percent of the population experience the world this way. To hypnotize kinesthetic learners you need to use a kinesthetic induction.


For people who can't visualize, all visualization methods are difficult. Even for visual people, hypnotic scripts should never use suggestions like 'there is a wide pink marble staircase in front of you, with polished wooden handrails and blue curtains'... etc. The more specific it is the less likely people will be able to see it in their mind.

With a kinesthetic learner you need a different type of hypnosis script - a special kinesthetic script that avoids the need to visualize. A kinesthetic induction script uses physical sensations.

Kinesthetic people respond to suggestions of movement, pressure, weight, spinning, holding, feeling etc., so this kinesthetic hypnotic induction script is written with the principles of kinesthetic learning in mind.


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