How to bring the client out of trance
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Coming out of trance

Re-orienting the client.

Reorientation is the process of bringing the client out of trance. There are many ways to do it, and many ways of doing it wrong. The standard method of telling the client that they will feel wonderful when they open their eyes is generally a bad idea.


Do not use the 'wow you are feeling fabulous and bursting with energy and everything is bright and wonderful' type of re-orientation - too many people just do not feel that way when they come out of trance. Given that most of the people who attend hypnotherapy are unhappy in the first place it is to be expected that they don't naturally feel full of fizz just because somebody suggested it.

The majority of people coming out of trance are filled with the wonder of the experience, and what they want is a few moments of quiet to enjoy that amazing feeling. Telling people that they will feel energized and jumping for joy when they were deep in trance a moment ago just does not work. The human body cannot instantly flip from profound relaxation to hyperactivity. Brain scans show that it takes several minutes for the brain to move from the hypnotic state to full alertness. Telling people they should feel ecstatic risks disappointing them. If they don't get the promised feeling they think they have failed. Or worse, they think you have failed, and therefore the session has failed. Better to avoid it.

I find that if there is enough time left in the session it is best to say to the client something like 'And now you can come back to the present in your own time and in your own way'. There is a belief among some experienced hypnotists, especially stage hypnotists, that the count up re-orientation is a waste of time, and they simply say 'Open your eyes, your mind is clear and you are ready for the rest of your day. Now.'



This is the standard count out reorientation routine. It gives the client time to go from trance to full alertness, but does not take more than a few seconds. The therapist should pace their words to whatever the client is doing. So if the client starts moving their feet a little, then say '.... and feet moving, legs flexing....'

Back to the present....
  In a moment I am going to begin counting up from five to one, and when I get to one, you will be back in the present, fully alert and ready for the rest of your day.... So counting now...    
  FOUR... beginning to get feeling back into your hands and feet....   suggesting
  THREE shoulders moving.... taking a deep breath.... head moving....   pacing
  TWO and getting ready for a big stretch.... and a smile, coming back to the present... eyelids fluttering... becoming aware of where you are....   pacing
  ONE:  EYES OPEN, BACK AGAIN... fully alert....    
  Welcome back.    
  How do you feel?    




The gentlest way to end the trance is to allow the client some quiet time to absorb what has been suggested during the session. Just tell the client that the session is over and they should consider what has been said, and can come back to full awareness when they are ready.

Back to the present....
  And so before coming back to full awareness.....   presupposition
  take whatever time you need now... to consider those ideas... to allow your mind to examine things from every aspect... like a jeweller looking into the heart of a diamond...    
  and the lessons and possibilities... consider them deeply... absorb them deeply... into your very being.... thinking about how best to apply them....   bind: best
  And when you have had enough time to process and learn from this session.... then it is time to bring this session to a close, a comfortable close... I bind: time
  and you can start coming back to the present.... at whatever rate is right for you. when you are fully prepared to... you can find yourself back in full awareness of the room around you, feeling refreshed... and knowing that you have finally settled something important. I  

Some clients can take a very long time to come out of trance if you give them the option. You may have to hurry them along by using the count out procedure.



On coming out of trance the mind is still highly suggestible, so the Reorientation is a good time to slip in a few post hypnotic suggestions to reinforce the main points of the therapy.

Back to the present....
  And when you open your eyes you realize you are seeing things differently now, that things have changed... that you have changed... you are organized and focused and deeply confident.    
  I wonder what part you will enjoy the most?