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Drifting Cloud
Drifting Cloud
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Cloud visualization induction

A relaxing hypnotic induction

The Drifting Cloud induction script is a combined visualization and Countdown Hypnotic Induction. It works by relaxing the mind, then getting the client to remember a time when they were relaxing on a beach. The experience of the beach is used to lead in to visualizing one cloud. Then more clouds, then watching each cloud slowly drift away and disappear. As the visualization progresses suggestions of getting smaller, more distant, darker are used to pace and lead with the breathing.



CLOUD Hypnotic Induction Script

Cloud hypnotic Induction script
  So settle back now, think about how comfortable you can become... and close your eyes....   Bind = how
Relax the body Now take a deep breath, and hold it... and ... just let it all go... ahhhh... That's good...   Start releasing tension






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