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Name the Colours
Name the Colours
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Into trance with a palette of colours

Induction by Association

Description: This is an unusual hypnotic induction based on awareness of feelings in the body. It is one of those hypnosis inductions that is more complicated to explain than it is to do.

Principle: It works by by-passing the analytical mind and dealing directly with feelings and associations. While the mind is focusing on bodily experiences it slips in additional suggestions of relaxation and comfort and letting go. Because it is bodily based, there is nothing for the analytical mind to challenge.

Advantages: you get continuous feedback that lets you know what the client is experiencing during every step.

Disadvantages: Clients need to be comfortable with paying attention to their feelings.

Uses: It is good for clients who are nervous about the whole hypnosis process since it lets them go at their own pace.

Extensions: There is nothing special about using colours. You could use just about anything that has emotional associations for the particular client – flowers, foods, children's names, song titles, etc.


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