Imagine floating down like a falling leaf
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Swirling Paper
Swirling Paper
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Principle: The Swirling Paper Induction is my version of the falling leaf induction. It works by suggesting dissociation into a familiar snuggly place, and then visualising and pacing a bit of paper being picked up and drifting down and down.

Advantages: It is simple to visualise so works with poor visualisers. Hypervigilant people find the imagery easy to follow and non threatening. It is better to use paper rather than the traditional leaf. People find it hard to decide what type of leaf to use or to visualise a particular leaf. Paper is much simpler.

Disadvantages: Best used after another induction

Uses: I tag it on to the end of the induction if I think there is any doubt at all about whether the client is fully in trance. Then test with a finger lift.


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