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How to use a special interest for induction

Fisherman's Induction Hypnosis

The Fisherman's Induction is an example of how to use an interest or hobby as the basis of hypnosis induction. Any hobby has the ability to pull the person into 'the zone' where they lose track of time and are fully focused on the activity. You can remind them of that experience, and as they go into the feeling you lead them gently into trance. It is quite easy to do as long as you are careful to keep the listener in the 'state' and use complementary imagery.

It works because when you remember the experience of something, you must 'go inside', so you dissociate yourself from the present. It happens naturally which is why we enjoy hobbies.
The advantage is that once you understand the principle you will be able to do inductions based on any absorbing hobby or interest.

The disadvantage of this type of induction is that not everyone has had an absorbing experience that you can use. Always ask first.


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