Go into trance by sinking into the depths....
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Deep Blue
Deep Blue
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Go into trance by letting go

Sinking down into the blue

This script is a hypnotic induction for people who are afraid they won't know what to do to go into trance. Or are afraid of what will happen as they start to go into hypnosis.

Principle: The Deep Blue Induction works by comparing something people know how to do, letting go physically, with something they think they might not be able to do, letting go mentally. It works by allowing the client to 'let go' without saying how they should do that. The metaphor continually develops the idea of things getting darker and quieter and calmer as you go deeper.

Advantages: Reassures people who think they might not be able to let go enough.

Disadvantages: Not for people who have difficulty visualising and check they are not afraid of water.

Uses: It can also be used as a deepener.


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