How to get someone to hypnotize themself
The Self Induction
The Self Induction
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Getting someone to hypnotise themself


The laziest way to put someone in trance is by getting them to hypnotise themself. The Self Induction Induction appears to be little used but actually works very well. It is particularly useful for clients who will not go into trance with normal methods because they are afraid of losing control. It is also extremely effective and fast for people who have some experience of meditation or martial arts mind techniques.

You give the listener their instructions and then just wait for the signal that they are ready. It couldn't be simpler.



Self induced TRANCE
  OK. I want you to understand that you are in control.... you are in control at all times... and you can decide exactly how and when you go into trance.... Bind
  Just settle back and make yourself comfortable..... Let your arms flop and let your hands relax.... maybe shrug your shoulders a little.... let your head recline and settle down.... jiggle your legs if you want.... until things are just the way you want them... Bodily relaxation
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  and you'll know when your mind has chosen... you can allow a finger or a thumb or maybe something else to signal that you have reached a comfortable depth... and allow that finger or thumb to move on its own... just let it happen.... when it's ready... Dissociation
  [await signal]