How to hypnotize someone by spreading their fingers
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Hand Spread
Hand Spread
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Hand Spread Stage Induction

Hand spread Induction

Description: The Hand Spread Induction script is an unusual and showy hypnotic induction.

Procedure: It is a 'pace and lead induction' and needs good pacing and leading skills. It works because when you spread your hand, your fingers will start to move in on their own unless constant effort is used to keep them apart. The hypnotist paces those movements by suggesting that the movements will continue, that the fingers will continue to move towards each other. As the fingers start moving that movement is linked to suggestions of trance and loss of control... that as the fingers get closer the trance will get deeper.

Advantages: Good for demonstrations

Uses: It is particularly useful for hypnotising a client who is standing.

Extensions: The hypnotist can aim to get eye closure and then deepen, or can suggest while the fingers are closing that the hand is falling towards the person and when it touches they will go into trance, or that when you snap your fingers, the hand will drop instantly and go into trance.


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