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Dave Elman Induction Script
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Dave Elman
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Dave Elman Induction Script

Dave Elman Induction Script

The Elman induction is easy. The Dave Elman Induction is a good script to begin learning hypnosis. The advantage of the Elman Induction script is its simplicity - just read the script and copy Elman's tests and deepeners - guaranteed to hypnotize most people. The Dave Elman induction is popular because the Elman Induction Script follows fixed steps in the same order every time. You use the same hypnotic induction on everyone.

The Elman Induction was popularized by the stage hypnotist Dave Elman. Elman needed a technique for doctors and dentists to hypnotize people that would always work. After just one hypnosis training they learned to be hypnotists with the Elman technique.

There are hundreds of variants of the basic Dave Elman hypnosis induction.

The Elman induction script helps the hypnosis beginner because it is fixed. The Elman induction reassures the beginner hypnotist because each stage has its own tests for depth of trance and hypnotic deepeners, and if one stage doesn't work, the next one will.

Dave Elman Induction


Capability Now in a moment I am going to show you how to go into trance... how to relax your body and your mind... in a really good way that you will enjoy.... I set up expectation
Behaviour and once you start on that process no power on earth can stop you going into trance = Inevitability
Capability and you don't have to do anything... it will just happen... as long as you follow my instructions you will go into trance easily and quickly.... > Inevitability
  So now... just settle back and relax yourself.... take a deep breath and then just let it go... that's right....    
  Now take another breath and feel your eyes closing down.... and as your eyes are closing let your body relax.... D Large muscle relaxation
  shrug your shoulders... let your arms and hands go loose and limp and floppy... that's right.... D  
  and as you are relaxing you can move your attention to your eyes. Just become aware of those eyes, and the little muscles that control your eyelids.... and those eyes can become so relaxed that you just cannot open them... and as long as you keep that relaxation there.... those eyelids will become so relaxed... so tired, so heavy... that you just cannot open them....   small muscle relaxation
  and when you know you have relaxed those eyes and you know they will not open you can try to open them... and you will find that they just won't work....   TEST: Eye catalepsy
  That's right... you can try but they just don't work.... so you can stop testing now... and just enjoy that feeling of relaxation getting deeper and deeper....   Reassurance
  And now become aware of the quality of that relaxation... and imagine that relaxation spreading through the whole of your body... sweeping down from the top of your head to the tips of your toes... like a wave of relaxation.... letting go.... let go and relax every muscle in your body.... that's right.... D  
  and feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper as that happens... D Deepener
  And now you can deepen this feeling even more.... D Fractionation
  And as deep are you are now... you can go ten times deeper. In a moment I am going to ask you to open your eyes.... and then when you close them you will go ten times deeper in trance.... >  
  Now you may find it difficult to open your eyes.... but you should be able to open them a bit... so try opening them a bit now.... and then allow them to close and go ten times deeper... that's right that's good. D TEST: Compliance
  And as relaxed as you are now... you can actually become ten times more relaxed... so when you are ready you can try to open your eyes a second time and you might be able to open them a little and then as those eyelids come down you feel yourself going ten times deeper again... D  
  And try it for a third time... and as those eyes shut tight... you will go even deeper... ten times deeper....    
  Allow yourself to get comfortable and totally relax your body..... In a moment I am going to lift your arm.... do not assist in any way... just let your arm be loose and limp....    
  [lift one arm by the wrist.... gently waggle the arm... it should be soft and pliable... this is test of depth of relaxation]   TEST: physical relaxation
  And in a moment I am going to release your arm and as it drops down you will go even deeper into trance.... That's right.... allow yourself to go deeper down now....   Simple shock induction
  And now it is time to relax your mind... I want you shortly to start counting quietly... counting from 100 down to as far as you can go.... and as you count... after each number you will say to yourself.... think to yourself... 'Deeper and Deeper'... 'Deeper and Deeper'... and as you say each number and feel yourself go deeper and deeper.... you will notice that it becomes harder and harder to remember the next number.... and your mind becomes more relaxed... more at ease.... until you just cannot remember the next number... D  
  And you can relax those numbers right out of your mind... and as you do so... you will go deeper still ... into a lovely state of easy relaxation.... >  
  So starting now... I will count with you to start with.... 100... deeper and deeper.... 99 deeper and deeper... 98 deeper and deeper... and as you count those numbers will relax you more and more.... just allow those numbers to take you deeper and deeper.... >  
  And when you have relaxed those numbers right out of your mind.... you can stop counting..... I Bind: 'when'
  And when the last number has disappeared you can signal by moving a finger or thumb and we will go on... when you are ready....    
  [Carry on with the therapy]    


The Dave Elman induction is easy to understand. The induction uses techniques from four other hypnotic inductions to put someone into hypnosis:
1) progressive muscle relaxation

2) incremental suggestion
3) Instant hypnosis
4) hypnotic countdown

and at each stage the script applies some form of deepener, and then tests for hypnosis.


There are many silly claims made about Dave Elman and his script. By today's standards, the Dave Elman Induction is actually slow and fairly cumbersome. There is nothing great about taking four minutes to put someone into trance. The Elman induction is not a good way to hypnotize someone who is analytical. The Elman induction only became popular because when it was developed, in the 1930s, it was much faster than the progressive relaxation induction, the main induction method at that time. Modern hypnotic induction scripts are much faster and more reliable, and can successfully hypnotize anyone.

Although the Elman induction is slow and doesn't work for everyone, it has the advantage of being easy to learn. Every hypnotist should learn to hypnotize with the Elman technique because it is the basis for many other hypnosis scripts, and following the Elman script will teach you recognise when someone is in trace, and how they behave when they are hypnotized.