Hypnotize someone by touching their memories of relaxation
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How to use visualisation for trance

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Visualisation Induction

The Visualisation Induction is a gentle hypnotic induction based on the mind's ability to imagine a state of relaxation. Imagining the relaxation causes your muscles to remember times like that, and as the listener remembers the physical changes it becomes easier to pace and lead them into some gentle fantasy

It works because when you visualise something, you must 'go inside', so you dissociate yourself from the present. It happens naturally while watching movies and or playing computer games. It is sometimes called 'being in the zone'.
By giving the listener a pleasant visualisation you get them to go into 'trance' by themselves. It is quite easy to do as long as you are careful to keep the listener in the 'state'. If you say anything harsh, or if you use images that clash, you will jolt them right out of trance. But once you understand the principle you will be able to do stealth inductions based on anything.

This a lovely exercise to do with someone you are close to, in an intimate setting such as sitting together quietly. Just start talking softly with 'I wonder if you can imagine lying somewhere on a summer afternoon.... and in an minute or two your partner will have drifted off into trance... and you can then build that into any kind of visualisation you want to. Especially useful as a way to start a loving interlude.


The visualisation
memory I wonder if you can think back to a warm summer day.... a time when you lay down  somewhere on a sunny day... and maybe it was in a park or a garden .... or it could have been on a roof or somewhere else.... on a bright day...
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  [either do a deepener, or carry on gently suggesting visualisations involving peace, calm, relaxation] I