Let the Magnetic Hands induction put you into trance
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Magnetic Hands
Magnetic Hands

Magnetic Hands Hypnosis Induction

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Magnetic Hands STAGE HYPNOSIS Induction

The Magnetic Hands Hypnosis Induction is an example of how to turn the client's natural hypnosis ability into a hypnotic induction. The Magnetic Hands hypnosis induction uses the technique of linking going into trance to some physical movement.

The magnetic hands script is a standard induction that puts most people into trance very quickly. It is an old stage hypnosis trick and can be used to hypnotize a whole audience at once.

It can be used to find the highly hypnotizable people in a group. It works easily and smoothly for most people, but does not work with sceptical people. If this induction does not work, just tell them it was an experiment and you learned a lot from it. Do not suggest in way that they have failed. Then go on to do another induction such as the staircase induction.



  SET UP    
  The client can be standing or sitting. It will work with a whole room full of people, but this version of the Magnetic Hands induction is for hypnotizing just one person sitting in a chair.    
  I would like you to put your hands out like this. [Hold your arms up in front of you, straight out at shoulder height as if you are going to take hold of a baby.]    
  That's right, arms straight out, hands straight out, and with your thumbs pointing up.... that's good....    
  Now, I want you to look at that gap between your hands.    
  Keep your eyes focussed on that gap.   Dissociation
  Become aware of the energy in that gap... the energy that exists in that gap between your hands...   Supposition - energy is there
  and now close your eyes and focus on feeling that energy...   Supposition
  and I want you imagine that the energy is like two magnets.... as if you have a magnet on the palm of each hand... V  
  [you can touch the palms of their hands, gently stroking or tapping on their palms, this will cause a heightened skin sensation that you can use for suggestion]    
  I wonder if you can feel that energy building up?... A powerful magnet on the palm of each hand I  
  and as you focus on that energy... those magnets are getting stronger and stronger... those magnets are getting attracted to each other... >  
  and those magnets are pulling hands in towards each other... D  
  maybe slowly at first.. and them more and more powerfully....    
  you cannot resist that power... those hands are moving closer together   Pace and Lead
  closer and closer....    
  the attraction is stronger and stronger now... hands moving closer....   Pace and Lead
  And when those hands touch... you will lose all strength in those arms....    
  and your hands will sink down into lap.... and as that happens.... every muscle in your body.... goes loose and limp and soft ... and you can relax completely now....   Pace and Lead
  Feel your body relax as that power takes over and lets you relax with confidence.... warm and comfortable... totally relaxed...   Pace and Lead
  That's right.... totally relaxed.    
  [either do a deepener, or a convincer and then carry on with the therapy]