Drift down a river of relaxation trance hypnosis induction
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Dark River
Dark River
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Drifting River hypnosis induction

Dark River Induction

A visualization and breathing induction based images of floating down a river into darkness while everything around you becomes quiet and calm and peaceful, ending on a dark sea of relaxation.



  I wonder if you can imagine a river.... a wide dark silent river... now lie back... close your eyes... and think of that river...   Dissociation
  and it's almost night... and the river is flowing through a city... and city is bright with lights... and there's traffic about ... and just imagine... if you can... that you are floating safe and secure on that river....   Metaphor
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  - - - - - The rest of this script is in the Hypnosis Inductions eBook - - - - -    
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  [either do a deepener, or a convincer and then carry on with the therapy]