Let the butterfly metaphor lead you into trance
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Butterfly Metaphor
Butterfly Metaphor
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A hypnotic metaphor induction

Butterfly Hypnosis Induction

This relaxation visualization uses an image of a butterfly going to rest and repeated images of going down and letting go to create a gentle relaxation hypnotic induction.

The Butterfly Hypnosis Induction is an example of how to use visualization to do simple hypnotic induction. The Butterfly hypnosis induction uses the technique of linking relaxation to some physical movement.

Metaphor visualization inductions take advantage of the mind's built-in ability to see connections between two quite different things. This is the essence of metaphor. Visualize something, imagine it changing and imagine yourself changing at the same time. Many hypnotic inductions depend on metaphor, leaves falling, lights going dim, walking down steps, and suggesting that as these things are going down, the listener can relax too. And the more it goes down, the deeper the listener can relax.


  Take a moment now... and prepare yourself to relax... shrug your shoulders ... lift and drop your arms... tense the muscles of your legs and then relax them....   Muscular relaxation
  Now close your eyes... imagine that all the muscles of your face are relaxing... imagine that your eyes are totally relaxed...   Close the eyes
  now breath out and really relax... and become aware of how heavy your arms and legs are... feel the weight of your body pressing down... allow that feeling to grow... feeling heavier and heavier... totally relaxed...   relaxation
  Now imagine a place far away from here...   Dissociation
  - - - - - - - -    
  The rest of this script is in the Inductions Script Collection    
  - - - - - - - -    
  and take a few moments now and allow that lovely feeling of relaxation to spread.... as you go deeper and deeper..... I bind 'as you...' inevitability
  [either do a deepener, or a convincer and then carry on with the therapy]