Weight Loss Hypnosis Scripts

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Weight Loss
Hypnosis Scripts

Gastric Band Hypnosis Script

Weight LossThe Virtual Gastric Band script Weight Loss without surgery.

Gastric Band Script

End the Eating Habit Script

Stop the weight gain with NLP anchoring techniques.

Script to Stop the Over eating Habit

Six Step Reframe NLP Script

This Weight Loss script uses the six step reframe technique to end binge eating.

Six Step Reframe Weight Loss Script

Weight Loss Night Time Eating Script

Weight Loss HypnotherapyHow to get your partner to lose weight and eat properly.

Weight Loss Night Time Script

Stop Eating Chocolate Aversion Script

Stop eating chocolate A script to stop eating chocolate. Makes the idea of eating chocolate disgusting.

Stop Eating Chocolate Script

Motivation to exercise Script

A metaphor based script to get your client motivated to get healthy now.

Weight Loss Motivation Script

Change the Past Script

A script to help deal with the issues that are causing the eating.

Change the Past Script

Emotional Release Script

Weight LossAn approach to Weight Loss by finding the root cause.

Emotional Release Script

Relax and Lose Weight Script

Weight LossRelax away the weight. A script for relaxation with self esteem.

Relaxation for Weight Loss Script

Better Eating Habits thru hypnosis

A script to teach people how to use tricks of the table to eat better.

Better Eating Habits Script

Weight Loss Interview Checklist

Get the client to think about why and when the eating is happening.

BONUS: Weight Loss Clinical Checklist




Get your Confidence back Script

Take control and succeedA script to get your client to believe they can do it and take control of their life.

BONUS: Self Confidence Hypnosis Script

Journey of Self Discovery Script

A powerful visualization to create a new life and leave old habits behind

BONUS: Self Discovery hypnosis script

Weight Loss Hypnosis Pack
Weight Loss scripts Collection

All ten scripts for $19.95!

These scripts give you everything you need for successful weigth loss hypnosis. Help people lose weight and keep it off. Includes the Virtual Gastric Band Script plus two bonus scripts.

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Key Hypnosis Weight Loss Scripts

by David Mason
ISBN-13: 978-1483919119

ISBN-10: 1483919110

138 pages


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Also in Kindle format

Weight Loss Scripts

Relaxation for Weight Loss.

This script uses the idea of relaxing to induce trance and at each stage of the progressive muscle relaxation adds a set of suggestions about how to lose weight and get healthy. Then the script has a section of direct suggestions followed by an extended metaphor about a healing light loosening the excess weight and preparing the body to lose it.

Better Eating Habits.

This script puts the client into trance and then uses a series of indirect and direct suggestion for getting and keeping better eating habits. Each of the better eating strategies is based on scientifically proven evidence. Anyone who follows the advice must lose weight.

Stop Eating Chocolate.

A hypnosis script for making chocolate taste horrible.Many clients who are overweight say that that they are addicted to some food, like ice cream or cakes or chocolate. They say they could stop eating that food if hypnotherapy could just make it taste horrible. This Stop Eating Aversion script uses hypnosis suggestions to make the chocolate taste bad. It creates aversion suggestions for all the sensations of sight, smell, taste and texture so the smell is nauseating, the sight is repulsive, the feel is horrible and the very idea of eating chocolate makes you want to vomit. Every aspect of eating chocolate makes you want to get away from it and stay away. The Stop eating chocolate Aversion script makes even the idea of putting chocolate in your mouth revolting. The script can be easily adapted to any particular food, not just chocolate.



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