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Hypnotherapy for Losing Weight

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Script

Losing weight and slimming with hypnosis is healthy and safe. The hypnosis works by motivating towards eating better, exercising and visualizing a healthy body.

Weight loss is a complex problem so the Hypnosis for Weight Loss script uses direct and indirect hypnotic suggestions, metaphors and visualization to ensure that all aspects of the weight loss issue are addressed.

Weight Loss hypnosis script

  Are you sitting comfortably? Ready to begin? That's good   Yes set
  Just raise your toes up. Lift your hands up a bit... and put your head back.    
  That's good... now I'd like you to take a deep breath and hold it, and just haaaaa.... let it go..... that's good... I Relax the body
  now take another breath and this time as you breathe out just allow those tired eyes to close... that's good... I close the eyes
  and now another breath.... and just allow your head to relax into a comfortable position..... that's good... I drop the head
  another breath... and just allow your hands to flop down.... that's it. I drop the hands
  One more breath... and just allow your feet to go to rest...that's good... I drop the feet
  And now on the next breath out... just imagine would it would be like if your chest and spine have turned to jelly... and your whole body like butter left out on a sunny day... soft and limp and heavy   Dissocation
  and that you are so... relaxed.... that's excellent... you are doing really well... D reassurance
  I wonder if you can imagine a tall building... a skyscraper somewhere..... at night.... and it has ten floors... and each floor is lit up...    
  and with each breath out... you count aloud from ten down to one ... and with each breath out... one floor of that building goes dark.... from the top down.... and as you breath out... as each floor goes dark.... those numbers begin to disappear until you just can't find the next number... > Visualisation
  and each breath out takes you down and down... deeper and deeper... darker and darker.... that's good... D numbers disappear
  and each breath out can make you so relaxed... so comfortable... that's excellent D eyelids fluttering
  and that fluttering of your eyelids   pacing
  is showing you >  
  that you are going into trance D leading
  and everything is the way it should be..... I reassurance
  And part of your mind is probably wondering if you are going into trance....   mind reading
  while another part of mind has already gone into the level of trance that is exactly right for you. > client can't fail
  I would like you now to pay attention to the little muscles that control your eyelids.... those tiny muscles can become so relaxed that you just won't be able to open your eyes... you just can't open those eyes.... and when you are sure that those muscles are so relaxed that you just cannot open your eyes.... it is as if they are glued together... totally stuck shut... you can try to open them but you will find that they just won't work... they just don't open. D Eye catalepsy depth test for trance
  [movement of eyebrows]    
  That's right. And that is showing your that part of your mind can be awake and alert while another part of your mind goes deeply, deeply into trance. D trance confirmed


Ability to lose weight

Logic: eye catalepsy --> hidden power --> ability to change
Capability That's good.... and that shows you the power of your mind. D  
Rule Maybe you tell yourself you can't be bothered opening them.... maybe you just don't want to... maybe you can't... doesn't matter... there are many ways of getting to the result that you want. > non sequitur,
Capability That just shows you the power of your mind. And you can use that power... you can use that power to change things... to imagine things... and allow your mind to roam free and think of things you haven't thought of for a long time.... and that means that you can do whatever you want to do... > Unspecified outcome
Identity that shows you that you have a strong mind.... and I think you might have known that yourself... > confirmation
Capability and that means you can control parts of your body that you are not even aware of... and you can control parts of your mind you are not even aware of... > Suggest hidden powers
Capability And you have control... of anything you want to do... and if you truly want to lose weight then you can give yourself that permission now... >  
Identity and because you have control.... you can choose to change... Do you want to change [clientname]? Do you want to be different? >  
  [await response]   Get commitment


MIRROR Visualization for weight loss

Turning away from bad influences
  Now just allow your mind to clear....   Dissociation
  I wonder if you can imagine a room... with two mirrors... side by side... and you step in front of one mirror.... an old mirror...    
  and in that old mirror you can see yourself as you are now.... really look at yourself honestly... and ask yourself, is that honestly how you planned it? How you want to go through life? How you want others to think of you?    
  Or do you want something better? I Expectation
  Do you deserve something better? I  
  and looking in the background...behind you in that mirror.... stretching back behind ... you can see a lot of old stuff... all the old stuff that is keeping you like this...    
  and there is the other mirror... a new mirror... and you can step away from that first mirror, the old mirror, and look into this new mirror... and in this new mirror you see yourself... a few weeks or months from now...   Visualisation
  and you you see someone who is slim, strong, toned, fit.... exactly the way you want to be.... and you can see yourself in that mirror.... your own body... fit and slim.... and notice how you are dressed... and the expression on your face...   future rehearsal
  and I wonder what you would call that.... satisfaction? confidence? justification? or maybe you know it as something else....    
  What do you call that expression, [clientname]? [await response - use the response to motivate by direct suggestion later]   anchoring to an emotion
Capability and in that look there is pride, and there is knowledge... knowledge that you did this... you can do this.... really see yourself in that mirror... look at every part of that new you.... D  
  and you want that body... you want that shape.... and to get that shape... to keep that shape... you step briefly to one side... and turn that other mirror, that old mirror, turn it to the wall... so that it no longer reflects.... and that old you is no longer there.... D Metaphoric 'turning away' from old ways
  and can you turn that mirror? [await response]   ensure nothing is stopping the change.
  so take some time now to put things into perspective.... decide what you want to have happen to them.... you might see some of them leaving... as you realise that some things can be left behind... left to fade... and shrink.... to fade from view   Metaphoric Transformation



  So in a moment I am going to count from five to one.. and when I get to one... you will be back in the present feeling refreshed and fully awake and ready for the rest of your day.    
Capability And knowing that something fundamental has changed....    
Identity And knowing that deep down inside there is that new thing.... that new vision... that new you...   echo of metaphor
Capability And you have that fierce determination like a storm taking you there... now.   echo of metaphor
  FOUR beginning to get feeling back into your arms and legs....    
  THREE.... taking a deep breath... head moving.... arms moving    
  and TWO getting ready for a yawn and a stretch feeling really good.... eyelids flickering....    
  And ONE EYES OPEN back to the present fully alert ready for the rest of your day.