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Gastric Band hypnosis Script
Virtual Gastric
   Band Hypnosis
Virtual Gastric
   Band Hypnosis

Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy

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Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss script Lose weight with hypnosis

Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis helps stop eating and lose weight. Surgery for weight loss puts in a gastric band to reduce the capacity of the stomach so that people eat less. This Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis script convinces the unconscious mind that a gastric band has been fitted. The gastric band hypnosis script starts with suggestions of going to a hospital and feeling the band being fitted. Then direct hpnosis suggests that with the hpynoitc gastric band you feel full with just a mouthful of food.

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy script is an effective hypnotherapy for weight loss. Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis script includes sections on being confident around food, parts therapy for weight loss, forgiveness of the past, ego strengthening and hypnosis for weight loss.



Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy Script


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  The rest of this Gastric Band Hypnosis Script is in the Hypnosis Scripts book.    
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  Allow your mind to drift away... to few months from now... and you are walking along by some shops... and you are looking in fashion shops.... shoe shops... enjoying window shopping....    
  and in the window you catch sight of a woman looking straight at you... and she is beautifully dressed.... slim and elegant... poised and confident....    
  and you look back at her... and then you realize that you are looking at your reflection...    
  and that is your ideal self... at your ideal weight...    
  and she looks at you... with an expression on her face... and she is encouraging you... and somehow you know what she did to make it all happen...    
  and you are aware of how good she feels... how confident she is... and that confidence spreads to you...    
  And when you have done that you will come back to the present.... knowing that something wonderful has happened... and you are back in charge of your life.