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Stopping Smoking Motivation
Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Smoking motivation checklist

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Smoking beliefs and resources

In order to get the client to stop smoking you must first identify what their motivations are. This checklist of questions about motivation to stop smoking is used to remind the therapist to cover every aspect of why, when and how the client smokes. It may also identify resources the client has that can be used to help stop smoking. These answers provide a collection of targets and resources to use during hypnosis to stop smoking. Ninety percent of smokers say they want to stop smoking, but to quit smoking, to give up smoking without cravings they have to change their motivation from being motivated to smoke, to being motivated to stop, and to stay stopped. That is why stopping smoking with hypnosis is so effective. Hypnotherapy acts on the beliefs about smoking and smoking cessation by altering the motivations of the smoker so that they find it easy to stop smoking.



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