Stop Smoking Habits with hypnosis
Stop Smoking habits with Hypnosis
Ending the
       Smoking Habit
Ending the
       Smoking Habit

Breaking the Smoking Habit

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Stop the Smoking habit hypnosis

A hypnosis script for breaking smoking habits

This script is designed specifically to Stop the Smoking Habit. A script for smokers who say that it is just a habit, but one they cannot get rid of.
It is intended to be used where the smoker has stopped the habit for a time, and then fell back into the bad habits and started again.
It works because it uses the techniques of anchoring and visualisation. It links the smoker's inner strengths and personal beliefs to external triggers, so that when the trigger happens they are reminded of their own ability to stop.

The script uses three different anchoring strategies. One is a physical metaphor to anchor feelings of determination to squeezing their fist shut. One uses the idea of a Magic Word. This is associated to a visual metaphor and is used to remind them that they have the ability to succeed any time they feel temptation again. The third hyponotic technique anchors a colour to a belief. The script uses a post hypnotic suggestion that seeing the colour will constantly remind the smoker that they can succeed in stopping the habit.


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