Stop Smoking with Hypnosis


Stop Smoking Scripts

Smoking is the No.1 successful treatment for smoking.

Hypnosis is effective because with the right script you can eliminate the psychological need to smoke, and by fixing that, you end the habit.


With Key Hypnosis scripts there are no withdrawal symptoms, and the smoker can stop instantly and forever.


These scripts will help convince any smoker that they can give up. With these scripts giving up smoking is easy and permanent, with no weight gain and no other bad habits.


Plus two bonus scripts.


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The best scripts to stop smoking.

Strategy to stop smoking

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Stop Smoking Script

stop smoking with hypnosisThe basic stop smoking script. Let your clients feel the power of hypnosis.

Basic Stop Smoking Script

End the Smoking Habit

success stop smoking Stop the smoking habit with NLP anchoring techniques.

Script to Stop the Habit

Direct Suggestion Script

stop smokingThis stop smoking script uses carefully designed direct suggestions to end smoking.

Direct Suggestion Smoking Script

Smoking Regression Script

Stop Smoking HypnotherapyHow to use regression to Stop Smoking. Regression and Metaphor.

Stop Smoking Regression Script

Stop Smoking Checklist

Stop Smoking ChecklistEstablish why they smoke and identify the exact targets for your suggestions.

Smoking Interview Checklist

Motivation Checklist

Stop Smoking Motivation Checklist

Send this to your client to measure their motivation to stop smoking.

Stop Smoking Motivation Checklist

Smoking Relapse Prevention

Stop Smoking AversionUse this metaphor as a post hypnotic suggestion to prevent smoking relapse.

Stop Smoking Relapse Prevention

Smoking Aversion Script

Stop Smoking AversionStop smoking by making the cigarettes taste revolting.

Stop Smoking Aversion Script

Getting Motivated Script

Smoking MotivationA metaphor based script to get your client motivated to stop now.

Stop Smoking Motivation Script

Bonus! Relaxation Script

Learn to RelaxUse this script to teach your client how to get rid of the stress that triggers smoking.

Stop Smoking Relaxation Script

Break the Cycle

Stop Starting Smoking

A powerful visualization of a commitment to stop. Gets the client to make public promise.

Public commitment to change

Classroom Metaphor

Smoking InductionA metaphor for wiping away the memory of smoking to get a clean slate.

Classroom Metaphor

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Bonus! Smoking Induction

Smoking InductionUse this induction to get the smoker into a stop smoking state of mind trance.

Smoker's Induction Script

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