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Magic and metaphor

This little script is a very flexible way of utilising the client’s feelings of spirituality or ancestral connection as a way to progress into therapy. The script is simple and non-specific so it can be adapted to match whatever culture the client comes from.
It links to personal beliefs in magic and spirits and sets up the client to be open to imaginary experiences. It can be used as an introduction to regression or visualisation or past life regression. Use your normal induction to put the person into a light trance and then use the script to set the scene.




  Reframe experience
  And I wonder if you can imagine walking along a path somewhere….in a land far away from here… and the path is going through some trees…. past green fields… on a lovely day… V Dissociation
  and you are walking along and you feel very young…. And you are enjoying the day… and as you walk along you gradually realise that you are not quite sure where you are…and you look around V Time Confusion
  And suddenly the air changes…. things seem to change colour…. to shimmer… like time has shifted…. And you notice by the wayside… a pile of stones… big boulders tumbled there…. and when you look at them you can see that they are formed like a kind of chair…. and you go across there… and all the stones are covered in carvings…. runes and markings…. old ancient things carved into the rock…. V Ancient Magic  metaphor
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  [The rest of this script is available in the Key-Hypnosis Scripts Collection ]    
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