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Direct Suggestion Regression Hypnosis Script

Emotional problems release therapy


This script was originally developed for a woman who kept crying at inappropriate times, especially when she was praised in public for something she had done. I could not find any reason for her behaviour, so I developed a this script to build on her strengths and to convince her that she had the ability to end the behaviour. I also wanted to fix whatever it was that she was not wanting to bring out that was the real problem.

The script starts by priming the client to think about their problems, then induces trance, deepens and tests it.

Then the self esteem section uses the STRONG MIND technique to convince the client that she can do it. This is followed by a classic REGRESSION technique and INNER CHILD work.

The script ends with a reinforcement and targeted reorientation.

It can be adapted to any undefined problem.

Hypnotic Regression Script

Direct Suggestion Hypnosis regression Script


Preparation and Seeding of feeling before trance

  Now before you settle down... I want to think about the things that have been happening in your life that have been causing you distress... become aware of the feelings that you have been having... bring to mind now... how everything seems to be wrong... negative... and consider to what extent it actually what is happening in your own mind that is the problem... that in fact that you are projecting on to the world some inner turmoil... some bad feeling that is present in you when you are in that state... an unhelpful way of thinking... which has been caused by external events reminding you of old feelings and attitudes old pains old worries.... and think about the events leading up to when you started to feel bad that way... I Indirect suggestion
  in particular think about ...    
  [describe the issue or behavior that brought them here. Make sure the emotion is brought out and they are in touch with the feeling that goes with the unwanted behavior.]   Affect Bridge
  Can you feel that feeling now?   Check
  [keep describing and evoking the feeling that underlies the unwanted behavior until the person confirms that they are feeling it.]    

Hypnosis Induction

  Now just pay attention to your breathing... focus on the in and out of your breath... and then just imagine that there is a voice at the back of your head... that says 'with each breath out... feeling more and more relaxed'.... ' more and more at ease'... 'more and more relaxed'.... ' more and more at ease'...   Breathing induction
  And just allow each gentle breath to take you deeper and deeper... more and more relaxed.... That's right...    
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  The rest of this script is available in the Key Hypnosis Clinical Scripts book.    
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