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Getting over

Grief therapy hypnosis script

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Getting over Grief and bereavement

Bereavement happens to us all, but loss is a part of life, and life has to go on.

This grief therapy hypnosis script allows the bereaved to accept the loss of someone close, and to go on with their life.

Grieving is a natural process, and grieving is a healthy emotional response to the loss of someone you love. But grief can go on for too long. Grief counseling helps, and so does hypnosis for bereavement. This script can help you come to terms with your loss.


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Grief Bereavement Therapy script


Bereavement therapy metaphor treatment
Memory I wonder if you can imagine walking along a beach somewhere? A beach... the border between land and sea...   Dissociation
  the sea to one side... the land on the other side... and the beach in between....   a place between places
  and although that beach might feel solid and enduring... when you think about it... it actually is changing all the time... shifting and changing... the sea is constantly replacing the sand... each little grain is rolled around until it is smooth and polished...   Things are not what they seem
  on a beach... everything is in constant motion...the sea constantly washes in and out.... the sand swirls and is deposited... again and again... in different patterns... different ways... there is constant renewal... everything changes... yet in a way everything stays the same...   Change is constant
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Behavior and you know that it is time for you to continue what has been started... now you know that something has been let go... and it is right to move on... it is time to move on now... D  
  [use your standard re-orientation]