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Stop Snoring
Stop Snoring

Stopping snoring with hypnosis

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Stop snoring with hypnosis

Stopping Snoring A hypnosis script to stop snoring keeping you awake. Many women find their partner's snoring stops them getting a good night's sleep. In fact, there is no reason why snoring should keep you awake at night - people can sleep on trains and on boats bouncing around in the sea or with fire engines roaring past outside. If people expect to be able to sleep then they will. This stop snoring script lets you sleep safe and sound and to ignore the snoring.

Stopping snoring is difficult. A better snoring treatment is to learn to to live with it. This script is designed to allow the person who has to suffer a husband's (or wife's!) snoring to feel safe and comfortable so that she can sleep through any amount of snoring. The first part of the snoring treatment works by reframing the meaning of snoring, changing his snoring from an annoyance to an assurance. The second part teaches the sufferer to use the snoring as a method of self hypnosis to get to sleep.

This hypnosis stopping snoring script is designed to be played back each night as you settle down for sleep. It has proved to be effective in clinical hypnotherapy. If you can't stop him snoring you may as well learn to feel comforted by it.


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