Hypnotherapy to stop grinding teeth... end night bruxism
Stop Teeth Grinding
      Teeth Grinding
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Stop Teeth Grinding Script

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Stopping Snoring Hypnosis Script

A hypnosis script to let you sleep through someone else snoring.

Stopping Snoring Hypnosis Script

Stop Teeth Grinding

Hypnotherapy for Bruxism Script

Hypnosis can stop teeth grinding (bruxism). Teeth grinding happens in sleep. Teeth grinding symptoms include headaches, sore jaw, worn teeth. The underlying cause is anxiety. Often the habit of teeth grinding or teeth clenching started in childhood and the original anxiety has long gone, but the habit of grinding teeth remains. Hypnosis can stop Teeth Grinding by treating the anxiety, and also work directly on the physical habit and stop teeth grinding by subconsciously relaxing the jaw muscles during the night.

This script works on the subconscious mind so that it becomes aware of when you are grinding your teeth and gently interrupts the grinding. Although you don't know when you are grinding your teeth, the subconscious mind does know, and the hypnotic script teaches you to stop grinding the teeth together during sleep.




A script to treat bruxism


      mind reading
    > client can't fail
    D Eye catalepsy test for trance
Capability   D  
Rule   > non sequitur,
Identity   >  
    D trance confirmed
      eye catalepsy = power
Capability     Suggest hidden powers
Capability   = Personal capability
    = power = ability to change
Capability   > Unspecified outcome
Capability   D  
Capability   D  
Capability all the time you are asleep.... no matter what... your mind is aware of the state of those muscles.... and releases any tension the moment it forms... and that lets you go into an even more relaxing and deeper sleep... >  
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