Hypnotherapy to stop grinding teeth... end night bruxism
Stop Teeth Grinding
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Stop Teeth Grinding Bruxism Script

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Stop Teeth Grinding

Hypnotherapy for Bruxism Script

Hypnosis can stop teeth grinding (bruxism). Teeth grinding usually happens during sleep. Symptoms include headaches, sore jaw, worn teeth. The underlying cause is anxiety. Often the habit of teeth grinding or teeth clenching started in childhood. The original anxiety has long gone, but the habit of grinding teeth remains. Hypnosis can stop Teeth Grinding by treating the anxiety, and also work directly on the physical habit and stop the teeth grinding by subconsciously ordering the jaw muscles to relax during the night.

This script works on the subconscious mind so that it becomes aware of when you are grinding your teeth and gently interrupts the grinding. Although you don't know when you are doing it, the subconscious mind does know, and the hypnotic script teaches your mind to stop grinding your teeth together during sleep.




A script to treat bruxism


  [Use your normal induction to trance... then....]    
Relax the body...
  And part of your mind is probably wondering if you are going into trance...   mind reading
  while another part of mind has already gone into the level of trance that is exactly right for you. > client can't fail
  I would like you now to pay attention to the little muscles that control your eyelids.... those tiny muscles can become so relaxed that you just won't be able to open your eyes... you just can't open those eyes.... and when you are sure that those muscles are so relaxed that you just cannot open your eyes.... it is as if they are glued together... totally stuck shut... you can try to open them but you will find that they just won't work... they just don't open. D Eye catalepsy test for trance
  [wait for response]]    
Capability That's good.... and that shows you the power of your mind. D  
Rule Maybe you tell yourself you can't be bothered opening them.... maybe you just don't want to... maybe you can't... doesn't matter... there are many ways of getting to the result that you want. > non sequitur,
eye catalepsy --> hidden power --> ability to change
Identity and because you have control.... you can choose to change... >  
  That's right. And those eyes are showing your that part of your mind can be awake and alert while another part of your mind goes deeply, deeply into trance. D trance confirmed
  and you can allow that relaxation to spread... down your neck.... down your body... just imagine a wave of relaxation passing all the way down your body....    
  so you are loose and limp and relaxed...    
  That's right... you are doing very well...    
  and while you are in that lovely state, you can relax more and more deeply...    
Personal capability
  and you see... that relaxation is telling you something very important... the way your body is relaxed now is telling you that you can control parts of your body that you didn't know you could control...   eye catalepsy = power
Capability and that's because you can control parts of your mind you didn't know you could control...   Suggest hidden powers
Capability And that means that you have a strong mind... and you may have suspected for a very long time that you have a strong mind... = Personal capability
  and it is that strong mind that is causing your problems... and it is also that strong mind that is going to lead you out of those problems... I  
  because that strong mind of yours, once it knows what it wants... once it knows where you want to go, what you want to feel... what you want to do... can produce everything you need... can give you exactly the feelings you want... can make the changes, can make you aware of things you are not aware of ... can put you in touch with feelings, memories, times ... and you can have learnings and experiences... = power = ability to change
Capability And you can use that power... you can use that power to change things... to imagine things... and allow your mind to roam free and think of things you haven't thought of for a long time.... and that means that you can do whatever you want to do... > Unspecified outcome
  and that strong mind of yours will allow you to experience things openly and freely... because nothing in your own mind can ever harm you...   Safety
Capability that mind of yours will allow you to make the changes you want...    
  and while you are in this state... you are not really asleep...    
  you are aware of what is going on... and you are aware of your muscles...    
Control of the Jaw muscles when asleep
  and I would like you now to focus your attention on muscles of your jaw...    
  those strong muscles that keep your jaw tight... and I want you to become exquisitely aware of those muscles... and to feel them relaxing now... feel those muscles releasing all the tension...    
  allowing you to have a gap between your teeth.... allowing you to separate your upper and lower jaws...    
Capability and when you are in this state now... part of your mind is awake and alert... and looking after you.... and when you are in this state when sleeping... part of your mind can be awake and alert... and looking after you... monitoring the muscles and the jaw... and allowing those jaw muscles to relax.... to be loose,... and limp ... and free... D  
Capability and you can breathe freely... and you can enjoy sleeping... while your subconscious mind is monitoring things... ensuring there a tiny gap between your teeth... between the back teeth.... making sure you are comfortable... that your mouth is comfortable... your jaw muscles are relaxed... D  
Capability all the time you are asleep.... no matter what... your mind is aware of the state of those muscles.... and releases any tension the moment it forms... and that lets you go into an even more relaxing and deeper sleep... >  
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