Hypnosis for Making Money
Hypnosis for Making Money
Hypnosis for
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Hypnosis for
    Making Money

Making Money Keeping Money

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Making Money Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Wealth Creation

This script is to help you make and keep money. Many people feel that there is something blocking them from creating wealth. They feel held back from taking opportunities to make money. There is a cycle of Hypnosis Making Moneymaking money and then losing it, almost as if something is making you sabotage yourself.

Some people are told 'money is the root of all evil', 'blessed are the poor', and that it is impossible for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. In fact, it is Love of money, not money itself. Many people unconsciously act on this belief and no matter how successful they are they always lose it. Every time they reach a comfortable level they begin sabotaging themselves. This metaphor helps to eliminate these unhelpful beliefs and install the freedom to have all the money you deserve. The Making Money hypnosis script is in the form of a multiple embedded metaphor. Three problems are described that cause false beliefs about wealth and making money and these are then resolved.



Hypnosis for Making Money Hypnosis Script


Hypnotic Induction

  [Use your usual induction]    

First Embedded metaphor

  [1. Poor boy growing up. Developed fear of not having money]    
  There once was a boy who lived not far from here. His family were poor even though many people around them were quite well off.    
  The boy saw this and wondered why his family had to be poor... why other kids had the latest games at school... why they were always better dressed...    
  and the other kids called the boy names... and made him miserable because his family were poor... he was unhappy... and sad for his mother and father... because he wanted them to be rich and happy...    
  and he thought 'if only I could have money, everything would be all right'.    

Second Embedded metaphor

  [2. Poor boy is told that having money is evil]    
  And he went and told his mother that when he grew up he was going to make lots of money, because he hated being poor, and he hated seeing his parents shamed in public by having no money... and he was going to buy them a car and a big house and servants and clothes and everything they ever wanted...    
  But his mother told him that money is the root of all evil. That becoming rich meant that he would lose his way in life, and that would make his mother sad.    
  He went to his father and told him how he wanted to have lots of money so they wouldn't be poor any more... and his father told him... A rich man can never enter the kingdom of heaven... and the boy should accept things as they are...    
  and even though he hated being poor... and really wanted to make something of himself... everywhere the boy went he was told... money won't make you happy... money is not the answer... blessed are the poor... if you make money it will just get taken off you.... money causes more problems... better to stay as you are... live like your parents...    

Third Embedded metaphor

  [3. Poor boy makes money but always loses it]    
  But as he was growing up... the boy saw wealth all around him... he saw people in new cars... going in to fancy shops... and he saw those people looking down on his family... and he knew it was wrong... he knew that money was everywhere.. he could see opportunities everywhere...    
  and most of all he hated being poor... and saw no reason for staying poor...    
  So he learned to buy and sell... to do things that people wanted... he learned to find ideas other people had missed... to go through every door and seek out what was there...    
  and he began to make some money... and as he did he learned... and he learned how to get more money... and he learned what it was like to be able to go into any shop... to have a good car... move among rich friends...    
  and yet... something in him was not right... somehow every time he got money... he just couldn't hold on to it... it was almost as if there was something inside him that caused the wealth to drain away... to put in bad decisions... to trust people he knew would disappoint him... to buy pointless things he didn't even like...    
  and every time he found he was making money the cycle started again... and soon he was somehow back where he started... struggling for money... back to being poor...    
  And he wondered if he was condemned to repeat this forever... if he would never escape... and he knew that he could make money... be successful... but he also knew that something always forced him to come back to how it was...    
  It is as if there was a block to making and keeping money.    
  and he could see no way out...    

Reverse Third Embedded metaphor

  [-3. Poor boy makes money but always loses it]    
  And then one day a guru appeared in the town. A wise and holy man who had come from far away.    
  The guru said. I have heard about your story, and I have come to help you.   New Resource
  You did not get this way on your own. Someone a long time ago put these ideas into your head.    
  They did this with the best of intentions. They wanted to help you. But those ideas have stopped the growth of your natural talent.    
  You are entitled to be wealthy. You have a right to be rich. You deserve to have money. D  

Gestalt Reversal Section

  It is time now to go back and tell that person that they were wrong. That you are taking control of your life, of your capacity to prosper. It is time to go back and reverse those ideas.    
  I want you now to relax even deeper.    
  Relax and let your mind go back to the earliest time you can remember about money. About what someone said to you about having money.   Deepener
  So allow your mind to drift back in time, and find a memory, an image, a situation, that has to do with being told that money is bad, that having wealth is sinful, that being rich is the same as being bad.    
  and in your mind's eye, see that person, become aware of them telling you these things.    
  Hear those words again... only this time... challenge them. Challenge those ideas. Tell that person that you are entitled to have money... to be rich... to enjoy wealth...    
  tell them that you know how to make money... and you are entitled to have money and to keep it...    
  Find the right words to tell them that you respect their views on money... but that those are not your views... and get them to remove that instruction...    
  Get them to tell you that you are free now... free to become what you want to be, to have what you want to have....    


  Because those ideas are wrong. D  
  The widow who clears a bit of land and plants the seeds is entitled to enjoy the crop. There is nothing bad about taking what you have earned. I  
  The man who can tell a story that keeps lots of people amused is entitled to a reward for his effort. Being paid for what you can do and others can't is fair and right. I  
  The boy who sees an opportunity that other people pass by, is free to take it. It is the right thing to do. I  
  The woman who works harder and smarter than her sisters deserves to enjoy the benefits. There is joy in being wealthy. I  
  The world is not equal. People are not all born the same. Some need to be protected and some need to be given the room to thrive and prosper. I  
  Unless you are wealthy you cannot support the poor. You have a duty and an obligation to make money in your community so that you can contribute to it.    

Reverse Second Embedded metaphor

  [-2. Poor boy is told that having money is not evil]    
  And then another great teacher appeared. The boy said that I have been told that money is the root of all evil, that a rich man cannot enter the gates of heaven. And the Teacher said 'Let me remind you of the Parable of the Talents. A rich merchant had to leave to go on long journey and would be gone for many years. He gave each of his three servants a gold coin, called a talent, and told them to use the money to make money for him, and when he got back he would reward or punish them.
On his return he demanded from each servant an account of what they had done with their talent. One had invested in the market and made lots of money. The merchant told him he could keep the money he had earned and even gave him more. The second servant had tried to work with the money but had lost it in bad business decisions. The merchant blessed him and gave him another talent so that he could try again. The third servant handed back the very same coin. The master was astonished. When the master asked why, the servant replied 'I was afraid of losing it, so I buried it in the garden, to keep it safe so that I would still have it when you returned'.
The merchant was very angry and beat the servant, and took his coin and gave it to the first servant.
  The master said to them all. I gave you these talents so you would use them. You are put on this earth with a certain number of talents and you are expected to use them. If you have a talent for earning money then you must use that talent. Others don't have that talent and they expect you to use yours. The people who are unable to play a musical instrument are entitled to music just the same as those who can, and so people who can make music must make music so that they can share it.    
  People who have the talent to make money must use that talent. Only if you make money are you able to share it with those who can't. The poor of this world are entitled to money, and you must become rich if you have the talent and opportunity. Without rich people there would be no charity.    
  People who say money is the root of all evil are not reading the quotation correctly. What it actually says is 'love of money is the root of all evil'. There is nothing wrong with having money. It is why you have it that counts. Money is simply a tool that lets you get things done. Rich people have brought many blessing to the world, blessing that would never have happened without those people first becoming rich.    
  And the guru said 'If you have the right reasons for having it, money will be showered upon you... and you are entitled to keep it and use it'. D indirect quote

Reverse First Embedded metaphor

  [-1 Poor boy growing up. Change fear of not having money into abundance]    
  Your desire to get money came from love... love for your family, for your parents... from a desire to help them... that is why you can now make money and keep it.   Reframe
  Any money that comes from a desire to help others is blessed. D Reframe
  You are free to enjoy everything that comes from having such money, and to make it grow so that you can use it to show love. =  
  See yourself a few months from now. See yourself as you want to be. On your way to wealth and riches. Working and getting what you want. Visualize yourself surrounded by abundance, everything you want is right there. V Visualization of wealth


  [reorient the client with suggestions of permanent change]