Learning to Learn with Hypnosis
Learning to Learn
Learning to Learn
     Hypnosis Script
Learning to Learn
     Hypnosis Script
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Learning to Learn Hypnosis Script

Learning to Learn

A hypnosis script to help with learning. This enables you to connect to your own inner resources for learning and gives you back the confidence you Learning to Learnhave lost. It uses a combination of visualization and direct suggestion to help with learning difficulties. The first part takes you into your own mind, and shows you how it works. Then you clear out the old stuff that was stopping you learning and lets you create a new learning process. Then the learning function is trained and tested to make sure it is working OK. The next part is a visualization of being back in a school room and getting praised for learning. The final part of the learning to learn script is a direct suggestion for confidence and the ability to retain what has been learned.


Learning Script




  Now why not let yourself get very comfortable… and while you are hearing these words… you might like to think about how comfortable you could become...   supposition
  and I wonder if you can remember when you felt most comfortable… I often think of a time like drifting in a boat… or lying on some grass somewhere… peaceful and content… V  
  breathing gently… and how good it is to close your eyes and feel the weight of your arms and legs… pressing down… heavy and limp and loose… K  
  and how simple it is to relax… close your eyes… and feel yourself going deeper with each breath… I  
Capability And people don't really have to learn… how to relax… and how you learned to relax… maybe it's just something you do… relaxing… learning to relax… learning seems so natural… and you have relaxed so deeply before… > General to specific
Capability you know how to do it… and without even thinking about it… D  
Capability you are relaxing now… you know… using what you learned… >  
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  This Learning to Learn hypnosis script is in the Clinical Hypnosis Collection    
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  And you can do that. You can make sure of that. All you have to do is to choose some action, some trigger, to remind you of your own ability... of your belief in your own mind... of your change... and you will instantly feel that confidence return when you need it to...    
  So now, press your fingers together... or touch your thumb to some part of your body... or some other thing that makes sense to you and you use to bring back that power... and in future whenever you do that... that same confidence will be back... full strength... just like it is now... and you can pass any exam... learn anything... and know that you know...    

Reorientation Section

  So now you know you know how to learn to learn. And that is all you need to succeed.    
  So in a moment I am going to ask you to count slowly from five up to one ... and when you get to one you will be back in present.... fully alert and ready for the rest of your day. So start counting... now.