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Hypnosis Scripts

Scripts organized by topic.

There are hundreds of different scripts on this site and it is easy to miss the one you want. This list shows the scripts that are included in the various collections. Some scripts appear in more than one collection.

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weight loss hypnosis

Weight Loss Scripts

Scripts for all types of weight loss issue. The collection includes the Virtual Gastric Band script, plus bonus scripts free.



Topic Problem Script Name Collection
Weight Loss Overeating Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss
Weight Loss Compulsive Eating Eating Habits Anchoring Weight Loss
Weight Loss Bingeing Six Step Reframe Weight Loss
Weight Loss Resistance Night Time Script Weight Loss
Weight Loss Motivation Motivation for Exercise & Diet Weight Loss
Weight Loss Moving on Change the past Weight Loss
Weight Loss Self Belief Relaxation for Weight Loss Weight Loss
Weight Loss Change Habits Better Eating Habits Weight Loss
Weight Loss Chocolate Stop eating chocolate Weight Loss
Weight Loss Comfort Eating Emotional Release hypnotherapy Weight Loss
Weight Loss Always failing Self Hypnosis for weight loss Weight Loss



stop smoking hypnosis scripts

Stop Smoking Scripts

Stopping Smoking is the No.1 Hypnotherapy solution. Scripts for all types of smokers. Ten smoking scripts that work, plus bonus scripts free.



Topic Problem Script Name Collection
Stop Smoking Checklist Behaviour Smoking Checklist Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Checklist Motivation Smoking Checklist Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Enjoys Smoking Smoking aversion Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Giving up Stop Smoking Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Health Respect your body Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Motivation Smoking Motivation Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Smoking Habit Habit Anchoring Script Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Smoking Induction Smoker's induction Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Smoking metaphor Big Purple Elephant Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Starting Hypnosis Guide for therapists... Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Starts again Smoking Relapse Metaphor Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Unconscious desire Smoking regression Stop Smoking
Stop Smoking Willpower Direct Suggestion Script Stop Smoking




stop smoking scripts

Healing Scripts

Scripts for pain relief. Help your clients deal with chronic pain through hypnotic suggestions and visualizations.



Topic Problem Script Name Collection
Pain Pain Management Ultimate Pain Treatment Script Healing
Pain Child Pain Relief Magic Fingers Healing
Pain Pain Relief Paint Pot Pain Relief Healing
Pain Releasing old pain Power Healing Energy script Healing
Pain Learn control Control Panel Technique Healing
Asthma Childhood asthma Hypnotherapy for asthma Healing
Fussy Eating Child won't eat Fussy Eater Healing
Eczema Eczema Eczema and psoriasis Healing
Fertility Miscarriage Getting past Miscarriage Healing
IBS Controlling IBS Controlling IBS symptoms Healing
Stress Learn to Relax Self Hypnosis relaxation Healing
Stress Stressing & Worrying Worry Garden stress relief Healing
Exercise Motivation Motivation for exercise & diet Healing



sleep scripts

Sleep Scripts

Scripts for sleeping, not sleeping, snoring and lying awake with worry. Scripts to relax you and your clients.



Topic Problem Script Name Collection
Teeth grinding Bruxism Stop teeth grinding Sleep
Sleep Can't Sleep Insomnia Sleep
Snoring Partner Snoring Ignoring Snoring Sleep
Sleep Pill dependency Sleep without pills Sleep
Sleep Worrying Worry Garden Sleep
Sleep Falling asleep Self-Hypnosis for sleep Sleep
Sleep Emptying mind Visualization for sleep Sleep
Sleep Racing thoughts Emotional Release Sleep
Sleep Anxiety Clearing Anxieties Sleep
Sleep Restlessness Restless Legs Sleep
Sleep Tension Relaxation Island Sleep



clinical hypnosis induction scripts

Clinical Hypnosis Scripts

A collection of hypnotherapy scripts dealing with emotional problems. Sections include Change your life, Change the Past, Anxiety Scripts, Fears and Phobias and more. Includes the Paranormal collection plus extra bonus scripts.





Topic Problem Script Name Collection
A new future Stuck Looking Back From the Future Clinical
A new future Emptiness Cloudy Beach self esteem Clinical
A new future New Start New Year’s Eve Clinical
A new future Guidance Become your own Life Coach Clinical
A new future Bad Upbringing Rewrite your past Clinical
A new future Achievement Spirit of Time Clinical
Habits Old Habits Bridge to Freedom Clinical
Procrastination Afraid to try Going to Istanbul Clinical
Let go the past Breaking the cycle Breaking the Cycle Clinical
Let go the past Journeying Crystal Mountain Clinical
Let go the past Letting it go Mirror on the past Clinical
Let go the past Relationships Cottage of memories Clinical
Let go the past Get rid of issues Open Market Clinical
Let go the past Injustice Chamber of Justice Clinical
Let go the past Held back The Gravel Path Clinical
Let go the past Change the past Photo Album Clinical
Let go the past Change yourself Crystal Waterfall Clinical
Let go the past Old Worries Spirit of Christmas Clinical
Let go the past Healing Stamp Album Metaphor Clinical
Let go the past Can't change Time Heals all things Clinical
Let go the past How to change Catalogue of Magic Clinical
Let go the past Wrapped in past Uncovering the past Clinical
Self Development Learning Learning to Learn Clinical
Self Development Money Attracting Money Clinical
Procrastination Putting things off Procrastination Clinical
Self Development Lost Job Redundancy Laid-off Clinical
Procrastination Anxiety Cruise Control Clinical
Emotional Healing Helplessness Emotional Transformation Clinical
Emotional Healing Bad Childhood Fairy Tale Healing Clinical
Emotional Healing Future path Door to Discovery Clinical
Emotional Healing Bereavement Grief and Bereavement Clinical
Emotional Healing Unhappiness Regression Hypnotherapy Clinical
Emotional Healing Opening up Analyzing with Art Therapy Clinical
Emotional Healing Perspective Silver Frames Clinical
Emotional Healing Hidden feelings Store of Memories Clinical
Emotional Healing Emotional Hurt Inner Child Clinical
Emotional Healing Meaninglessness Child of Time Clinical
Emotional Healing Personal Belief Magician's Chair Clinical
Fears & Phobias Fear of Failure False Front Clinical
Fears & Phobias Fear of Flying Fear of Flying Clinical
Fears & Phobias Fear of Travelling Fear of Travelling Clinical
Fears & Phobias Learning Anxiety Anxiety about Learning Clinical
Fears & Phobias Phobia Cure NLP Fast Phobia Cure Clinical
Fears & Phobias Fear of Intercourse Vaginismus Clinical
Fears & Phobias Blood/Needle phobia Fear of Blood Clinical
Anxiety Release Cloudy Beach Clinical
Habits Ending Habits Bad Habits Anchoring Clinical
Habits Changing Habits Changing Habits Clinical
Anxiety Confidence Self Confidence Clinical
Anxiety Self Esteem Ego Strengthening Clinical
Anxiety Chronic Anxiety Hypnotic Spiral Clinical
Habits Habits Relapse Recovery Clinical
Behaviour Adversity Constant Rock Clinical
Anxiety Exams Test Anxiety Clinical
Habits Nail Biting Nail Biting Clinical
NLP Techniques Anchoring Anchoring Clinical
NLP Techniques Visualization Magic Cinema Clinical
Visualization Exercises Visualization Exercises Clinical
Visualization Sports Sports Visualization Clinical
Metaphors Healing The Snake Charmer Clinical



stop smoking scripts

Paranormal Scripts V3

Seven Scripts for Past Life Regression and other paranormal phenomena that let you tap into the psychic power of the mind. Utilize the hidden 90%.



Topic Problem Script Name Collection
Persecution Alien Abduction Alien Abduction UFO experience Paranormal
Transmigration Out of body Astral projection Paranormal
Transmigration Past Lives Past Life Regression Paranormal
Transmigration Animal Spirit guide Totem Power Animal Spirit Guide Paranormal
Memory Lost Item Finding Lost Items Paranormal
Guidance Know yourself Six step reframe Paranormal
Harmony Balance Chakra Balancing Paranormal

Sex Health Scripts

Sexual Health Scripts

Scripts for sexual problems of men and women. Scripts for better relationships and quality of life. [These are included in the Erotic scripts collection].


Topic Problem Script Name Collection
Performance Erectile Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Health
Fears & Phobias Fear of Intercourse Vaginismus Clinical
Repression Releasing Sexuality Female orgasm Sexual Health
Sexual Ability Male Sex Skills Improve Sex Skills Sexual Health
Sexual Health Premature Ejaculation Grand Canyon Sexual Health
Sexual Abuse Forgetting Abuse Measuring Tape Sexual Health
Performance Performance Anxiety Performance Anxiety Sexual Health
Confidence Sexual Confidence Sexual Confidence Sexual Health
Confidence Performance Sexual Performance Sexual Health
Sexual Health Gay Child Accepting a gay child Sexual Health
Sexual Health Gay feelings Accepting being gay Sexual Health




Hypnosis Induction Scripts

Induction Scripts

People are different. So you need Induction Scripts for all types of people. With this collection of dozens of different ways you can hypnotize anybody. Instant induction, Eye Fixation, Erickson, Elman, My Friend John, Dr Flowers, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Kinesthetic, Relaxation... they are all here, plus dozens you have never heard of...


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