Hypnosis and the Paranormal

Paranormal ThingsThe unconscious mind can be opened up by hypnosis. Cultures all over the world have recognised the power of the 'dreamtime', of the supernaturall ability to know the unknowable, to get in touch with other realms, to communicate directly with spirituality and some higher power. Now experience that for yourself.

The Paranormal script collection covers many different techniques for accessing the unconcious mind. The scripts include Past Life Regression, Locating Lost Items from a distance, Spirit Guides, and healing the effects of Alien Abduction.

It also includes Chakra exercises and how to do an out of body experience. Plus bonus scripts to explore other aspects of the mind's special regenerative powers.

Paranormal Hypnosis Supernatural Scripts

All these for $9.95!

These scripts give you everything you need to start exploring the supernatural mind space..

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Explore the hidden world of the unconscious mind.

Plus four bonus scripts.


Alien Abduction Script

Alien Abduction ScriptHelp for people who say they have been abducted by aliens.


Out of Body Experience

Out of Body ExperienceHow to create an Out of Body Experience with astral projection.

Out of Body Experience

Past Lives

Past LivesHow to enter the world of past lives and relive your previous existence.

Past Life Regression Script

Totem Power Animal Spirit

Totem Animal

How to get in touch with your totem animal spirit guide.

Animal Spirit Guide

Finding Lost Items Script

Find Lost ItemsHow to find things that have been accidentally lost.

Finding Lost Items

Chakra Visualization

Chakra VisualizationChakra Visualization. Balance your body with sensory visualization.

Chakra Visualization Exercises

Worry Garden Stress Relief

Stress Relief Worry GardenA hypnotic visualization to let your worries go as you relax into sleep.

BONUS: Worry Garden

Six Step Reframe

Six Step ReframeHow to get guidance from your own unconscious mind.

BONUS: Six Step Reframe

Fairy Tale Spiritual Healing

Fairy Tale TherapyWrite out your life as a Fairy Tale to create a new ending for your childhood.

BONUS: Fairy Tale Healing

Inner Child Spiritual Healing

Inner Child TherapyHow to use the Inner Child Healing Technique to clear old hurts.

BONUS: Inner Child Healing

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