Magic Fingers Pain Relief Hypnosis Script
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Magic Fingers
    Pain Relief
Magic Fingers
    Pain Relief

Child's Pain Relief Hypnosis

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Magic Fingers Pain Relief Script

Children are often in pain and don't know what to do. Not dealing with it can be distressing and can leave the child confused and anxious as well as in pain. Child Pain ReliefThis Child's Pain Relief script uses the child's imagination to deal with pain through their own resources. The script is very simple yet often very effective.

The Magic Fingers technique empowers the child to control the pain themselves, and lets the child understand how they can deal with where they hurt. It means the child is no longer dependent on others.

The magic fingers script can be used for sudden injury or in a hospital situation. Or it can be used if the child is hurt at a location where there is no immediate help. Once the child has been shown the technique they are able to utilise their own belief system even when there is no adult there to help.

Child's Pain Relief Hypnosis Script


Connect to own resources

  I wonder if you have ever drawn something with a pencil... or written on a board where you can wipe things off? You know how sometimes you want to change what you have drawn... or something you were writing...?   Link to ability
  and you know that you can rub it out... or wipe it off... and it is like it was never there...   Reinforce
Memory Do you remember doing something like that?   Get a

Make the metaphoric equivalent

Capability I wonder if you know that there are other ways of rubbing things out? What if I said to you that you have magic finger? Did you know that you have magic fingers?   child's magic
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  That's good isn't it?    

Reinforce the power

Behavior And you can use those magic fingers any time you want. It's so cool. And you can tell the other kids what you have learned, and show them too. That would be good, wouldn't it?   Future pacing
Capability That's right. And now you can practice on your own. I  







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