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Cloud Relaxation

Healing Cloud Hypnotherapy

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Healing Hypnosis Script

The Healing Cloud hypnosis script is partly spiritual, partly therapeutic. It uses a metaphor for letting go, to visualize your life as something you can put into perspective. The metaphor allows the listener to dissociate from the day to day and to use their mental energy to focus on what matters.
The basic metaphor continues the 'drifting' 'floating' imagery of the induction by putting the client into a cloud where they get surrounded by healing light. That light eases and penetrates and makes changes to the body. Then, from the cloud, they look down on their past life and use that perspective to decide what is actually important, to put things into place in their mind. That perspective lets them let go of old pain and troubles and encourages their own healing energy to unfold.

Induction Section


Relaxation Response Induction

  S0 settle back now, get comfortable... and close your eyes.....    
  Now take a deep breath, and hold it.... and .... just let it all go.... ahhhh...That's good...   Start releasing tension
  When you are ready.... take another deep breath...... and as you do... lift your shoulders up... and as you breath out.... let them slump down and relax.   Let go muscle tension
  Now lift your arms slightly.... and on the next breath out... let them drop back naturally.... and relax your whole body   Let go muscle tension
  And I wonder if you could imagine what it would be like if your arms and legs had become so heavy ... that you just could not move them... that they felt as if they were made of lead... D Dissociation
  ...and just allow that heaviness to grow    
  ... and now I would like you to focus on your breathing.... just become aware of the gentle in and out of your breath... D Dissociation
  And as you think about your breathing... with each breath out... just allow your body to relax more... I Dissociation
  and you could become curious as to exactly how relaxed you can be...    
  ...and focusing on each breath out will let you relax and settle down a little deeper... each time you breathe out....   Deepening
  ...while you think about that....   Ambiguity
  and a little more relaxation after every breath... that's good.... D Deepening
  and continue breathing gently... relaxing....    
  And as an experiment, for the next ten breaths.... you could start counting each breath out... counting down from ten down to one.... as you breathe out... say the next number under your breath... or think of the next number... if you can... I Deepening
  allowing each breath to relax you more... and as you relax completely ...as you say each number quietly to yourself... you might find that those numbers are disappearing....you may find it harder and harder to know what number comes next... and you can relax those numbers away... if you want to... those numbers can just disappear completely... with each gentle breath.... as you drift down and down... I Make the listener aware that they are in trance now
  And as you become aware of that at some level... that means that things are going exactly the way they should be...   Reassurance
  ... and your mind is opening to new possibilities... D Seeding

Healing light --> Power --> capability to change

  And I wonder if you can imagine lying on a large... soft.... fluffy cloud....    
  and you are feeling safe... and warm... and supported...   Reassurance
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    
  The rest of this script is in the Hypnosis Healing and Pain Relief Collection.    
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    
  And take some time now.... as long as you need... to think about these things and the other things.... and that emerging awareness....    
  And enjoy that feeling of warmth and safety and comfort that the cloud can give you... while you do that....    

You know you have changed

  And when you are ready... when you have done everything you need to do... made all the transformations you want to see... felt the difference of being different.... K presupposition
Identity And knowing that something really has changed.... I  
Identity that deep down inside there is something.... opening... loosening... I  
  Then you can begin the process of coming back to the present... but in the meantime... take whatever time you need....    
  and then count to yourself from five up to one... and when you get to one, you will be back in the present, fully alert, and ready for the rest of your day....    
  So just take as long as you need now... and come back to the present when you know that the process of change is starting and will continue...   Bind








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