Hypnosis Induction Scripts List

Terms of Use


This collection is supplied under a limited personal license. By purchasing this collection you are buying the personal right to use the scripts in limited ways, you do not own them. You may not distribute the whole or part in any electronic format.



Therapy Use

You may use the scripts in any way you want when working with clients in a face to face situation. You can use them with one client or with a group. You can use them as many times as you want for long as you want.

Education Use

You can print out any of the scripts for classroom use to discuss and analyse in live training sessions provided the www.key-hypnosis.com copyright is acknowledged. You can print out any of the scripts for students to use on other students or volunteers in training sessions. You can print out up to a tenth of the collection as handouts for student materials. You can not distribute any part in any way in electronic format.

Client Recordings

If you use the scripts in therapy and you record your sessions, you can make a recording incorporating the script and give that or sell it to that particular client if that is part of your normal therapy procedure.

Selling Recordings

You may not record any of scripts and then sell the recording commercially or give the recordings away in any media format. You can record the scripts for your own personal use for therapy or education.


The scripts and other material in the collection are supplied for your personal use only. You may not sell, re-sell, publish, broadcast or give away either the original or copies of all or any part of the collection except as outlined above.



Therapists who use the scripts will find that over time they develop extensions of the original materials or automatically incorporate material from the collection into their own work. You are free to include key-hypnosis.com material in your own work and to do whatever you want with the blended material provided that it does not include more than one quarter of key-hypnosis.com material in it and the copyright is duly acknowledged in any printed material.


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