Hypnotism for Healing and Pain Relief

Hypnosis is very effective for controlling chronic pain and stress related issues. People do not always recognise the source of their problems. Healing Pain Control Hypnosis can deal with the psychological need that underlies it, and end the discomfort.

With these Key Hypnosis scripts you can with clients with a wide range of stress related issues. By stopping people automatically reacting to the stress in their life you are showing them the way back to health and vitality.

These scripts will work for people with temporary pain, and for those who have had chronic pain for so long that they have forgotten why they have it. Teaching people personal control through hypnosis will enable them to have a better quality of life.

Plus two bonus scripts for follow up.

Hypnosis Pain Control

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A collection of scripts for helping with psychosomatic pain.

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Eight different ways for pain relief
Plus two bonus scripts.


Ultimate Pain Control Script

hypnosis pain reliefEight different ways of dealing with pain through Hypnosis.

Hypnosis Pain Control

Pain Relief Magic Fingers

pain reliefUsing the child's belief in magic to let them control their own feelings.

Pain Relief Magic Fingers Script

Paint Pot Pain Relief

Chronic Pain ReliefHypnosis for pain management. How to help relieve chronic pain.

Paint Pot Script

Power Healing Script

Chronic Pain Relief Uses a healing cloud image to focus on what really matters.

Healing Cloud Script

Natural Healing Pain Relief

pain reliefPain control using the visualization of a dial to regulate physical feedback.

Natural Healing Pain Relief

IBS Pain Control Script

pain reliefThis script is remarkably effective for controlling IBS symptoms.

IBS Pain Control Script

Picky Eater ScriptPicky Eater Script

Makes eating into an adventure story and gives the child magical powers.

Picky Eater Hypnosis Script

Eczema Psoriasis Hypnosis

Psoriasis ScriptA natural way of treating eczema and psoriasis and other stress related skin problems.

Eczema Psoriasis Hypnosis

Fertility Harmony

Fertility ScriptUse her mind to harmonize all the parts and lead to pregnancy.

Harmony for Fertility

After Miscarriage

Miscarriage ScriptReframes the miscarriage as something to learn from.

Recovering from Miscarriage

Asthma Hypnosis Script

Asthma ScriptAsthma hypnotherapy metaphor script. Learn how to create healing metaphors.

Asthma Hypnotic Metaphor

Worry Garden Stress Relief

Stress Relief Worry GardenA hypnotic visualization to let your worries go as you relax into sleep.

BONUS: Worry Garden

Motivation to Exercise

motivation hypnois scriptA script to get your client motivated to get slim and healthy.

BONUS SCRIPT: Weight Loss Motivation



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