a Miscarriage
  a Miscarriage
Recovering from a miscarriage

After a Miscarriage

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Hypnotherapy for miscarriage

Having a miscarriage can be devastating. Instead of a life affirming pregnancy the miscarriage Miscarriagebecomes a serious psychological problem. A miscarriage leave the mother feeling guilty, worried about her own ability to get pregnant again and open to depression.

This script tries to reframe the miscarriage as something outside of the control of the mother, something that had to be, for reasons that will never be known. It then uses a metaphor to prepare the mother for a fresh pregnancy, and assures her that everything will be ready for a successful pregnancy.

Hypnotherapy Script for Miscarriage

Preparing for a new pregnancy


Target Suggestion   Comments
  [use your normal induction]    

Regression to a time before birth

Memory And now allow your mind to drift back... back in time... think of yourself at earlier ages... think of all the stages of growing up... and as you each stage comes to mind, you are becoming more deeply relaxed... your mind can drift away to another place, another time...  Deepener
Memory and remember what it was like to be say... twelve, then nine, then six years old... then imagine what it was like to be three... then imagine when you were a baby.... allow your mind to go back and feel what a baby's awareness was... become that baby... K Progressive regression
  and then go further back... back to before you were born... V  
  and you find yourself in a place where there is no time... no space... no up... no down... V  
  drifting, floating... in an immense empty place... like the space between the stars... calmly relaxing... at ease... a place with no worries... no haste... everything is waiting... suspended... a place where everything is yet to be...    
  a place of stillness... expectation... of readiness...    

Regression to the place of souls

  and in that place you become aware of a presence... and then a feeling of many beings around you... some old beyond measure... some new and untested.... wisdom and experience are there... V  
  Some seem like a light... some as a vibration... some as a sound you cannot quite hear... and others are just there... in their own way...  all alternatives
  And out of that silence... a voice is heard... in your mind... saying A message
  'You have been brought to this place to meet with two beings who are very special to you... and you are very special to them'.   Hidden resource
  - - - - - - - -   - - - - - - - - -    
  [The rest of this Miscarriage script is in the Key-Hypnosis Healing Hypnotherapy collection ]    
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  and as you feel that... your body is getting ready... >  
  You can look forward to that happy day now... with confidence... and a happy outcome... D  
Capability and when you come back to the present you will realize that it is all there for you... and a new future begins for you... now D  




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Miscarriage Script

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