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Travel Anxiety
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Hypnosis Script: Fear of Falling

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Fear of Traveling Script

This client had a fear of traveling on a ferry or a plane. What he feared was the sensation of dropping as the ship went over a wave, or the plane hit turbulence. He felt it had something to do with being tossed up as a child and he felt the same fear when someone put their hands on his waist.
He could go on the ferry, in fact he had to frequently, but he felt sick every minute and anxious for days before. The idea of things dropping from under him was terrifying. This script shows how parts therapy can be used in hypnosis, and how to use physical metaphors in hypnosis.


  OK, just close your eyes. I would like you focus your attention on those little muscles around your eyes. Just allow yourself to really think about your eyes and your eyelids...   Elman Induction
  And you can become curious as to how relaxed those eyelids can be... I Dissociation
  I would like you say to yourself... that you can pretend... you can pretend that those eyelids just will not open...and those eyes are so relaxed that you couldn't open them. D Self induction
  [Client is smiling embarrassedly]   It's working!
  That's right... it's a funny kind of feeling... I'd like you just to pretend that those eyelids are so so tired that you can't open them... D Pacing
  and that the more you try to open them, the harder they get clamped shut. And those eyelids will just not work at all... so when you are sure that those eyelids just won't open ... I'd like you test it by trying to see if you can open them... and you'll find that the more you try the harder it is they stay clamped shut... you just cannot get those eyelids to work... D Doubling Suggestion
  [Client is lifting eyebrows, moving face]    
  That's right...they are just stuck there... that's strange, isn't it?    
  Now stop trying... just allow them to relax... That's very good...   Reassurance
Capability That's a demonstration of the power of your mind... that your own mind can take control of your body and your feelings... and your attitudes and your beliefs and your fears... = A > b,c,d
Identity you have a very powerful mind... D  
Capability your mind can control things that you are not even aware of that you can control. D  


Capability and that's excellent... that really shows that you can change ... without being afraid of change... > Seeding certainty of change
  and the part of you that wants to be rid of the hold that the fear has on you can keep you safe in letting go... D  
Capability ...because you have that power... you have just shown yourself that you have that power... >  
Capability you have power over parts of yourself... I Ambiguity
Identity and right now you are in a very gentle trance... and you know, Carl, for most of your life you been in a trance... you have been in a different trance... about being afraid of losing control... You have been in a trance about what might happen if you lose control... feeling you must stay in control... D Reframe the behaviour
Behaviour and I think that it is time for you to let that trance go... for you to go into a different trance... I think it is time for you to realise... that you don't have to be in control...   Substituting trance = fear
Rule that oddly enough, that not being in control is being in control....   Paradox
Behaviour because it means trusting yourself... to allow yourself... to take whatever comes along... and being able to handle that and being able to deal with it... > Reframe
Identity and I think that there is a part of you that actually knows that... I Mind reading


Identity I think there's a part of you... that for such a long time...that has been longing to be rid of that fear... and I think that there is part of you that knows that that fear was useful... it did good for you... but now it is time for it to be retrained... it is time for it to change into something else...    
Memory I think you will be surprised by the fact that you already know how to do that... that there have been time in your life... when you did give up control and you enjoyed it... and you just felt... well... ordinary... you just felt the way you should feel... and then that particular trance comes back again... and that fear comes across...    
  and you know, that fear is trying to do something for you... trying to keep you safe... it's trying to protect you in some way...   Reframe
  And so, Carl, I am going to talk to you about some ideas... that you may find interesting... you may be want to think about them...   non-specific
Identity and these ideas have to do with the different parts of you...    
Capability and it can be a very rewarding experience to discover that you have been aware all along of the real reason why you have this fear... and that fear seemed so strong and so overpowering... but it is now the case that that other part of you ... that part of you that wants to be rid of it... is now able to overcome that fear... that part of you that wants to be rid of it... I think that you can feel it growing... changing...    
  I think you can feel that old part becoming weak and dull and darkening... like a lamp flickering before it goes out.... D Metaphor
  and you have no need or desire to be fearful at sudden changes any more... D  
Identity And part of you maybe knows that it will be easy to change... that change can be instant... change will be irreversible... and really you like change... you know you like change... so many things have changed for good... and that part of you versus the part that has the fear... the part that wants to change will easily win... because you are stronger than any fear created by your own mind... > Reframe change
Capability you have already demonstrated with your eye muscle control that you can control every part of yourself even if you aren't aware of how you are doing it...    
Behaviour and you can now empower that part that wants to be rid of the fear...    
Behaviour just get rid of the fear... D  
Behaviour The fear was useful... at a time... but that time is long gone... the time now is for you to give it up... just let it go... D  
Behaviour You have continued to be fearful... but really it is more like a habit... and from this moment forward, you will be aware of when that old feeling just begins to start... D Reframe
Capability and you will be able to extinguish it instantly, the way people stub out a cigarette... just press it down and crush it...and it will go out... and there will be nothing left but the ashes of that old fear that you can just sweep away D Action Metaphor
Capability and you can go forward and have whatever you want now >  
  I think you have become a little bored with that... I think you realise... I think the fear realises... that it is time to grow up... it is time to be rid of it... and all the negative and painful consequences it had... D  
  And I think you have already started the process of getting rid of that fear...   Bind
Capability and you will find that getting rid of it will be easy... it will be effortless.. there will be no struggle... D  
  the same way you can take your foot off the brake on a car and the car will just start to roll forward... and I think you will feel your change accelerating...   Metaphor
  and you might get giddy with excitement at the change... and you can look forward to it... and you can enjoy that feeling of not being in control... because not being in control is a kind of control...   Reframing
  and maybe you have driven an automatic car, or you know someone who does and you know that you just take you foot off the brake and the car goes forward on its own. And that's not being under control... you don't have to change the gears...and some people find that a little disconcerting to start with, and they say 'Oh, I don't have control...' and you know I don't think anyone has ever driven an automatic car and gone back to a geared car again... because it is so tiring having to be in control all the time... having to change gears and push the clutch... to think about what is coming up and whether you are going to have to use this gear or that gear or whatever...   Metaphor
Memory It is so much easier to just allow yourself to forget about those things... forget about that old way of doing things.. and in a modern car... you just press the accelerator and everything else is taken care can go wherever you want to go ... you can do whatever you want to do... in that kind of car.. and it just...goes forward. I  
Memory And sure you have control through the brake... you don't need anything else... and all the rest is taken care of unconsciously... and people who are used to driving geared cars... well you know, in a day or two they forget all about the clutch and the gears and so on... and they realise that giving up control is a way of getting more control... of being in control... and as that car goes round corners and up and down... they are safely strapped in the seat... and you can go wherever you want to go... and it is such relief not to have to worry about every little thing... not to be anticipating what gear do I need to go into when I go into this hill, you just have press the accelerator and all the rest is taken care of by that other part.    
  And I want you now, to go deep inside your own mind, Carl, and as you go deeper with every breath, I wonder how deeply you can in the next minute... experience that part of you... that I will call your unconscious fear, although you may know it as something else... the thing that has been responsible for your problems... for your worries...    
  and it is all wrapped up with this feeling of fear of being touched at the waist... or tickled... or when you got bounced up and down... that's what it is about....   Specific to this client
  And that thing has been responsible for your problems... and you can address them today... you can address that fear directly... it might seem a strange thing to do... but it is part of you...and so you have control... and part of you already knows you have control ... and it has really just been a fear of the fear... that has allowed that other part to keep going.   Mind reading
  And perhaps you can ask your unconscious now, to show you that it is willing to allow you talk to that fear... to address it... deal with it... and you can ask your subconscious to move a finger or a thumb to let you know that you can go on... and be safe and secure... and make the changes that you need to make... just focus on your hands... and a finger or thumb will start to move and you can go on...   Talking directly to the unconscious
  [finger moves]    
  That's good... that's right... I see that... your subconscious has signaled...    
  And you know, this change that you are making... it's a very private thing... no one needs to know... and you can... be aware of how you can make that change... and still be safe... and still keep everything working the way it should do...   Safety
  and maybe you can imagine a whole load of compasses... and all the needles are pointing in one direction now.. and how once they are all lined up... everything just works together... the way it should be   Metaphor for travel
Capability And I don't know how you will understand that fear part of you... the part that believes you need to be anxious and in control... or what special language will allow you to deal with it... speak with it perhaps... communicate somehow... and I don't know what particular methods you will use to make sure the whole of you stays safe while you are dealing with this... but you will find it... you will know the right way to do it... because you know you can....    
Identity Because you know, Carl, every part of you is good... is worthwhile... every part... no matter how annoying or negative it might have seemed it did intend a good purpose... but it is like compass spinning round blindly... and can imagine one part of you like a magnet... till all those compass needles are pointing in the right direction... the direction you want to go... the change you want to make...   Metaphor
  And compasses can lead you into new areas, safely... and you always know where you are with a always know what direction you can go...   Truism
  And you go into you own mind... you can seek answers to some important questions that you need to understand in order to achieve your goals.... and you can concentrate intently on that internal communication... and it can become so clear now as you recognise that part of you has been keeping this fear going... and part of you has been trying to get rid of that fear...    
Capability and that today ... right now... the part of you that's trying to get rid of it has this extra strength and ability D  
  and the part of you that has been keeping that fear alive really wants to change... knows that it wants to change... willing to make the change... D  
  And I would like you now... silently, in whatever way you feel is best... to talk to that part of you that keeps the fear going... and ask it to tell you... or to let you know what the benefits have been... what the pay off is to you...    
  and I understand that the behaviour of that part has caused you suffer negative and unhealthy consequences... but I want to suggest to you now that you just reconsider your understanding of that behaviour....and realise that the intention of that fear part was always good.... it always wanted to benefit's a good part of you ... and you can keep that part safe as well... and release it from its task   Reframe
  And take some special time now... and go deep inside your own mind... and discover the benefits it was doing for you... and you could be surprised maybe to discover that all these benefits are things that you really want...    
  and you could be surprised that it is comfortable and safe for you to become aware of them... what it is that that fear part is signaling...    
  now keeping those benefits in mind... because they are good and you want to keep them... I want to suggest to you Carl that there are other ways of experiencing... other things you can do that will give you those benefits... but that are so much better for you overall... that keep you going in the right direction    
  I would like you to go deep inside your mind again Carl... and I want you to get in touch with that part of your mind which is creative... that part of you mind which is imaginative... that can come up with solutions... different ways... alternatives...    
  And I would like you to work with the part that is maintaining the fear... and keeping those benefits in mind... come up with a way, or two ways or maybe even three ways... that you can keep those benefits... and keep that part happy... while letting go the fear... just leave it behind... push it aside...    
  Because that part can be retrained... reprogrammed... it can be revised so that you still get the benefits without the fear... D Reframe
  and you can just allow the fear to wither away... can just drop off like leaves from a tree in the autumn... and you know... letting that part go doesn't harm the tree... because leaves gradually turn into soil and the soil nourishes the tree the next year... and the tree grows and spreads and has fruit... and it's all part of life... letting go of things...   Metaphor: Regeneration
  and it's safe to let go D Reassurance
  So allow that creative part of your mind to work with the part that has been maintaining the fear... and get those benefits for yourself... and find a way of just letting go of those old things... let them fall off... let them shrink and shrivel... drop off... in whatever way makes sense to you...    
  And you can construct different behaviours... that will easily substitute for the way you used to get those benefits... and still get the benefits... and you can take all the time you need... in the next two minutes... to check that that part of you... the part that you want to retrain... and your creative part ... and the part of you that wants to be rid of that fear... and any other parts that need to have a say in this matter... and just make sure that they are all pointing in the right direction... that they are all leading you forward the way that you want to go... and that the new behaviours that are replacing the fear now... are acceptable to you now... to all of you... to every part of you... and if you feel somehow.. maybe in your body that there is some part that is not entirely happy...well that creative part of you can go round again and find another alternative... until all the parts of you are working together in the same direction and are giving you those wonderful benefits... and letting you keep control without having to be controlled... and give you the way forward you want...    
  and when you can feel inside yourself that you are ready to move on... and all the parts that are important are lining up.. moving and changing... getting into a new configuration... then I would like you to signal again by moving a finger or a thumb... and we will continue...    
  [Finger moves]    
  That's good... that's very good...    


Memory And now I would like you to think about times... in the past...when you used to have a fear... and this could be a time like when you were on a ferry or a boat or something like that ...    
Behaviour and knowing that things have changed now... I would like you to imagine... maybe next week or sometime beyond that you are going to go on a ferry... and I want you to use that new found part of you... that shiny bright part that is looking after you now... I would like you to allow that part to take control... just automatically be there ... that way that you don't have to do anything ... it will just happen...    
  and imagine its the day that you are going on the ferry... and as you are getting ready you feel that familiar tingle.. maybe you feel it in your stomach...   Reframe
  and that lets you know that things have changed... that things are different now... and you can look forward... you know you are looking forward to being on that ferry... maybe for the first time... >  
  and you see yourself going towards it...and there's the boat in front of you ... and once again you feel that, but this time... it's a feeling of rising excitement... it's a feeling that you are really going to enjoy this ferry ride... that this one is different.. that this is the first of the new ones... and you know... that this one is going in the right direction...    
  and you see yourself driving along or maybe going up the gangplank and you see yourself finding a seat or you stand and you walk around the promenade area and you look over the rails... and the boat starts to move and you can see the wake behind and you can see the land receding... and you walk around and you take in huge gulps of fresh air... and everything about seems fresh and new and different... because that part is working now... that part is keeping you safe and in control... and what you are leaving behind is that old fear... you just sail away from it... >  
  and you get out into the channel out into the water and once again the boat begins to move up and down... and you feel that sudden drop... but this time you don't feel apprehensive... you don't feel panic... you feel fulfilled... this is what you love doing... this is what you like...   Reframe the motion
Memory and you can feel the things that other people feel when they go on to a fairground ride... that little excitement .. They go 'Wow...this is great fun'... and you allow yourself to enjoy that... and you see all the other people around you going "whoops... ah... yeah..."    
  and they are all laughing and nudging each other and looking around the boat goes out and you can see the sailors walking around and everything's in control...   Reframe motion = normal
  you know that ... and the boat is going forward the way you want it to do... and suddenly it's up and swooping down and it's such a laugh... and it's such fun going on that boat.. and you suddenly realise 'Heh, what was I fearing... there's nothing to fear'. D  
  You can actually enjoy this... now is one of the times when you are not in control and you are in control and you are feeling so good about it... and it's amazing... and off the boat goes and there's more waves and up it goes and crashes down and kids are running around laughing and giggling and all the families are there and you are just looking there and you are thinking 'This is so neat' 'This is so much fun... I never realised I could enjoy this...'.    
  And you find yourself thinking a really strange thing... you are wishing this ferry would go on for longer... because you are having such fun... D  
  and you go along and maybe you have a coffee and a meal and the thing goes up and down and you spill your coffee and you are laughing and everyone round about is looking and smiling and it's great... you're really enjoying that...   Metaphor spilling coffee = not important, laugh at it.
  and before you know it that ferry is docking... and that little rocking sign as it ties up and you all go down and get in your cars to go off the boat or whatever... and you look back at that and you just mentally send a telegram to that new part of yourself and you say "Thanks buddy... that was great! I really enjoyed that".    
  And it sends back and says "You know, every part of you is worthwhile... and now we are all pointing in the same direction, we are all going the same way..."    
Behaviour And you find yourself going away from that ferry and looking back on it with fondness... and you have never really looked them before and you say... "Yeah, that's another experience I can have and that will really give me fun". And you are actually looking forward to going back on the next one... because you know it's going to be a laugh and you are going to have great fun on it... D  
Identity And you just feel... free... in control... because you have given up that control to... the engines or the captain or whatever else... you don't have to worry about it... you can just enjoy that sudden 'whoops' feeling as everything goes up and down... up and down... and everyone's laughing... it's a great time ... you really enjoy that... D  
  And you can successfully imagine many other contexts ... many other places where that new part will let you go... and you can enjoy that too...   Generalising the experience
  And you can enjoy that movement for what it is... just your sense of balance having fun...   Reframe
  and you can use those new alternatives that new part in all sorts of things...   Generalising
  and so now I would like you just to... for a moment... thank that part... the new part... and I would also like you to thank the old part... the one that's withering away ... because it is still helping you ... it is still giving you what you want... and it always intended good for you... it never meant to do anything else... I Supposition - withering
  and you can just imagine it now sliding away... leaving it behind... maybe give it a wave... that's OK.    
  That part understands... because it has been re-created now... it understands what to do now... to give you that same benefit... and it's changed into something else...    
  so you can thank that... send it your appreciation... and really just feel that going all through your body now... it might be a tingle... or feeling of pressure or something... and you feel grateful... glad for that experience you had... and grateful that you have changed now... and looking forward to next weekend and going on a ferry... and having fun for a change...   Suggest somatic experience
  it will so good.. it will be so different... D  
  and you can just allow yourself to feel that new feeling of peace and tranquility... that calm feeling... that you have always wanted... maybe you call it something else...    
Capability And as you become aware of the heaviness in your arms and legs and your hands... it will remind of tranquil and calm and peaceful you can be... because right now ... although I am speaking... you are the one who is who in control... and that feeling in your arms and legs just reminds you of that calmness you can have anytime you want... and that is what control is all about... and you have that always... and that new part of you will allow you to open up whole new areas... taking new directions.. just the way you want... giving that change you need...    
Memory and in a very short time you will forget all about that old fear ... you are forgetting it now... D  
Identity somehow it seems a long way away... it seems as if it was in another lifetime... as if it was happening to someone else...    
Memory and maybe sometimes you will think of it fondly... occasionally... and you can think of all the good things you currently have... and what you have given up... you have given up all those old feelings... and they are just not there any more...    
  And you are so relaxed and comfortable now... and feeling so positive about your success... letting go of that old part...    


  and in a moment I am going to ask you to squeeze your hands together really tight... and when you have them really tight... you can open your eyes very briefly and look at them... and then you will close your eyes... and you will count backwards from ten down to one... and as you get to one... those hands will just relax... and release.. and that will be your signal that you have released that old fear...   Physical metaphor
  So now Carl I want you to focus on your hands... I want you to feel those hands getting tighter and tighter now... feel them pulling in really feel that tightness... building up feel it in your chest and your stomach and all through the places where you used to have that old fear... feel things tightening and tightening and tightening...    
  [hands start tightening up]    
  and now open you eyes briefly and look at your hands...   Convincer
  [looks at hands]    
  that's right and when you close your eyes starting counting down from ten down to one and when you get to one those hands will just totally release and that feeling is gone... start counting now...   Metaphoric Release
  That's it... you can feel that release just like a little wave of goodness washing through you and it's gone... it's gone for ever... that's the great thing... and now you know you are open to change any way you want... now you released that thing you can look forward to the ferry ride... the ferry ride is the ride to freedom... and you can think about that now...   Reframe
  So just take a moment now to enjoy that feeling... that release... and how different you can feel... how amazing that your mind has that power... you so clearly demonstrated... and that's great...    
  So just take a moment or two to enjoy that... cement it in... in whatever way you want... think of all those things going in that direction for you ... the way you want it... exactly how you want it...    
  And when you are ready just lift up a hand or a finger or something... and we will go on...    
  [finger moves]    


Capability That's good... that's excellent... that's your guarantee Carl... that's your guarantee that your mind has done everything you need to do to release that old thing. And your mind is now focused on the future and on enjoying everything you want to enjoy... I  
Memory And all those old things are just left behind in the wake...   Metaphor
Capability and you can tell yourself with each breath out... This is easy... I know how to do it... I have done it... it's over... D  
Rule And with thoughts in mind and knowing that it is very easy to make your mind change... D  
Identity In a moment I am going to count from five up to one... and when I get to one you will be back with full awareness knowing that something profound has changed... really looking forward to that ferry ride...   Post hypnotic suggestion
  So counting now... FIVE... FOUR beginning to get a smile on your face and a deeper breath and feelings back in your arms and legs... and THREE eyelids fluttering head moving... taking a deep breath and TWO ready for a big stretch and feeling good and ONE back to the present...   Pacing