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Anxiety Clinical Hypnosis Scripts

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety TreatmentA short version of Cloudy Beach to help clinical Anxiety.

Cloudy Beach Anxiety

Bad Habits Anchoring Script

A clinical script to deal with Bad Habits by anchoring strength and determination.

Bad Habits Hypnosis

Changing Your Habits

Clinical metaphor therapy for changing habits and choosing better behavior.

Changing Habits


Head Massage A hypnotic technique to bring back your Self Confidence.

Confidence Hypnosis

Ego Self Esteem

Foreplay Induction ScriptEgo building clinical script to regrow your Self Esteem.

Ego Self Esteem Script

Hypnotic Spiral

A hypnotic spiral to draw out anxiety and clear the mind.

Hypnotic Spiral

Addiction Recovery

A clinical metaphor about addiction relapse and how to recover from it..

Addiction Recovery Therapy

Overcoming Adversity

Constant Rock: A metaphor on how to use setbacks to make you stronger.

Overcoming Adversity

Exam Test Anxiety

Test anxietyOvercome exam nerves and test anxiety with this confidence script.

Test Anxiety Script

Stop Biting Nails Script

Hypnotherapy Nail BitingStop Biting Nails Hypnosis. How to end nail biting and scratching.

Stop Biting Nails

Change the Past Clinical Scripts

Break the Cycle Hypnosis Script

Break the Cycle Break out of the Cycle with Hypnosis. End the cycle of behavior.

Break the Cycle Hypnosis

Change your path

A metaphor about choosing a different path and getting what you want.

Crystal Mountain

Change the Past

Change the Past. It's never too late to start anew.

Change the Past Script

Ending a Relationship Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy anxietyEnding Relationship Hypnotherapy .

Ending Relationship Hypnotherapy

Holding on to the Past

Holding on to the pastStop Holding on to the Past and move on to better things.

Holding on to the Past

Make it right with Hypnosis

Make it right Hypnosis technique to get over what happened and see things differently.

Make it right Hypnosis

Transform the path you are on

Letting go of the past and getting ready to move on. Gravel Path metaphor.

Gravel Path

Photo Album Metaphor Hypnotherapy

Photo Album Metaphor

Photo Album Metaphor Hypnotherapy. Go back and remove the hurts.

Photo Album

Power to Change

Power to ChangeHypnosis to re-examine where you are heading and what to do.

Power to Change Hypnosis

Spirit of Xmas Hypnosis

Spirit of Xmas Hypnosis Script. A special session to use at the turn of the year.

Spirit of Xmas Hypnosis

The Catalogue of Magic

A visualization of how to rearrange the things that have influenced you into a new design.

Catalogue of Magic Script

Time Heals All Things

Time Heals All Things Script

Putting things into perspective lets you deal with what comes along.

Time Heals All Things

Uncovering the Past

Uncovering the Past HypnosisUncovering the Past Script.

Uncovering the Past Hypnosis

Stamp Album Hypnosis NLP

An NLP type visualization of putting away your problems into a Stamp Album.

Stamp Album Hypnosis

Change Your Life Clinical Scripts

Looking Back from the future

Change your life Hypnotherapy A visualization about finding what you want and changing how you behave.

Change Your Life

Cloudy Beach Self Esteem Script

A powerful visualization and regression of letting go old hurts and starting living again.

Cloudy Beach

Happy New Year Hypnosis Script

Look forward to better times in the days to come.

Happy New Year t

Life Coach Script

Happy New Year Hypnosis Script Become your own Life Coach and write and direct the movie of your career.

Life Coach

Self Discovery Create Your Future

Create your future Hypnosis ScriptA visualization of finding the Book of Life and writing a new future.

Create Your Future

Spirit of Time

A multi-part visualization of inner wisdom for goal setting and success in the future.

Spirit of Time

Bridge to Freedom

A metaphor to reinforce the change you want and make it stick.

Bridge to Freedom

Going to Istanbul

A metaphor story about having the courage to make the changes and enjoy the process.

Procrastination Therapy

Fears and Phobias Clinical Scripts

Fear of Failure

A metaphor script to change attitudes and overcome Fear of Failure.

Fear of Failure

Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy Fear of FlyingHow to create the confidence needed to let people enjoy flying again.

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

Fear of Travel Phobia

Fear of Travel phobiaA script showing how to approach a Fear of Travel Phobia.

Travel Phobia

Learning Anxiety Regression

A clinical script showing how to use regression to deal with Study and Learning Anxiety.

Study and Learning Anxiety

Fear of Sexual Intercourse

A clinical hypnosis script for a female to get over her fear of sex and enjoy relations again.

Fear of Sex Vaginismus

NLP Fast Phobia Cure

NLP Fast Phobia Hypnosis ScriptThis clinical script explains how to do the NLP Fast Phobia technique.

NLP Fast Phobia Cure

Fear of Blood and Needles Injury

fear of injectionsClinical script of how to deal with the Fear of Blood, needles or injury.

Fear of Blood Fainting



Paranormal Power Clinical Hypnosis Scripts

Alien Abduction Clinical Script

Alien Abduction ScriptA clinical technique to deal with a victim of Alien Abduction.

Alien Abduction Therapy

Astrology Out of Body Experience

How to give someone an Out of Body Hypnosis experience they will never forget.

Astrology Out of Body

Past Life Regression Hypnosis Script

How to do a Past Life Regression. How to let people experience the other side.

Past Life Regression

Totem Animal Power

Totem Power Animal ScriptRelease the Spirit energy of your personal totem animal.

Totem Power Animal Spirit

Self Development Clinical Scripts

Finding Lost Items

Finding Lost Items  ScriptUse your own unconscious mind to remember where Lost Items are.

Finding Lost Items

Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn technique using your own mind as a learning machine.

Learning to Learn

Making Money

Find out what is preventing you from being a success and attracting wealth.

Making Money meditation

Procrastination Script

Procrastination Hypnosis ScriptA direct suggestion and metaphor method to end procrastination.


Redundancy Hypnotherapy

Redundancy Hypnotherapy ScriptHypnotherapy to help people who got laid off to get on with their careers.

Redundancy Script

Cruise Control

A metaphor to let your problems look after themselves, and take control of what matters.

Cruise Control

Emotional Release Clinical Scripts

Emotional Release

Change your hidden emotions into something you can manage and control.

Emotional Release

Fairy Tale Spiritual Healing Therapy

Fairy Tale healingWrite your life as a Fairy Tale to repair your childhood.

Fairy Tale Spiritual Healing Therapy

Finding the Purpose of Life

Finding the Purpose of LifeA hypnotic journey inwards to find who you really are and why.

Finding your Purpose

Grief Bereavement Therapy

How to overcome Grief and Bereavement through metaphor therapy.

Grief Bereavement Therapy

Hypnotic Regression Script

An example of how to do a hypnotic regression script.

Hypnotic Regression

Inner Child Spiritual Healing Script

Inner Child Healing ScriptHow to use the Inner Child Healing Technique.

Inner Child Spiritual Healing

Silver Frames Perspective on life

Meaning of Life Hypnosis ScriptA metaphor about putting failure and success into perspective.

Perspective on life

Store of Memories Script

A metaphor for leaving old things behind and deciding what is really important.

Inner Child Spiritual Healing

Meaning of Life Hypnosis

Child of Time metaphor. Discover what the universe holds for you.

Meaning of Life

The Magician's Chair

Magicians SeatA short metaphor to help utilize your client's spiritual beliefs.

Utilizing Spiritual Beliefs

Visualization Exercises

Creative Visualization Exercises

Eating Lemon VisualizationVisualization Exercises including the classic NLP 'Eating a Lemon'.

Creative Visualization

Guided Visualization Exercises

Use these exercises to extend your visualization muscles.

Guided Visualization Exercises

Chakra Balancing

An exercise to contact your Chakra Energy sector and achieve an energy balance.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Sports Visualization Exercise

Sports VisualizationA set of exercises for sports and coaching success.

Sports Visualization

Bonus Clinical Metaphors

Challenging assumptions metaphor

Metaphor boxA short story to help with thinking outside the box.

The Cat and the Teddy Bear

Social Isolation Metaphor

A way to challenge the introverts and the socially isolated to change their thinking.

The Swimming Bear

Metaphor Stories

Short metaphor stories to make a point for clients who need to re-examine their values.

Healing Stories

Let go of the Small Stuff

Jar MetaphorFill the Jar. A metaphor to teach your clients to value what is valuable.

Don't sweat the small stuff

Clinical Hypnosis Collection
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Clinical Hypnosis

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Clinical Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis to emotional problems. In its broadest definition it includes all forms of intervention using hypnotherapy, as opposed to stage hypnosis which is for entertainment, or self hypnosis which is intended for personal development.

This collection provides you with dozens of innovative approaches to thorny issues with ideas to inspire you. Use these clinical hypnotherapy screeds to spark your imagination and suggest ways you can tackle the toughest customers. Analyzing how others have helped their clients will enable you to become a better therapist with a wider range of techniques and applications.

Clinical hypnotherapy focuses on mental health and the correction of behavior issues caused by emotional trauma. It involves metaphor, direct suggestion, word patterns and guided visualization to change feelings, memories, habits and unhelpful ways of thinking.

Clinical hypnosis uses carefully worded suggestions designed to make the listener go through particular mental processes. For example these might be to invoke feelings, trigger memories, form images or come to logical conclusions that will lead to planned therapeutic outcomes.

Clinical Hypnotherapy scripts can use a mixture of CBT, mind-body associations, Inner Child, action metaphors and other techniques to achieve changes. Other techniques include past life regression, parts therapy and past life regression.