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Stamp Album Hypnosis Script

Stamp Album Metaphor Therapy

This metaphor script used NLP type image manipulation to help your client Stamp Album Metaphordeal with past issues. The Stamp Album metaphor works by getting you to transform your issues into metaphoric objects, and then getting you to visualize changing them. Once your mind accepts that these things can be changed, even a little, then your own healing ability starts and the process will continue until your mind thinks the issue doesn't seem important any more and can be put away for good.


Stamp Album Metaphor Script



[Use your normal induction]

Memory And when you think about [the thing that happened]... a long time ago now... you can remember how it was... and you can safely go through all the images you have of that time, all the pictures, all the things you feel about it...bring them to mind... and as you do... something about them reminds you that they belong in a different time... M Connect to the traumatic event
Capability and I would like you to go through each of those images, and just imagine that there is an album .... like a photo album... and because you can imagine that... you can also imagine how you are going to put those images into the album ... V isolate the images
Capability and you take each picture and you look at it once...and after considering it, you can decide whether you want to even have that image any more... and if you don't.... then because you know how you feel about it, you can shrink it down until it fits.... and then you can put it into that album... V alter the image
  and because you have put it into that album, you can choose to cover it up, with some plastic maybe... seal it in there... and everytime you do that... that means you can take the next image and shrink that one down too... and every time you shrink it down... that means you are moving it away from wherever it is now...and you are putting it into that album... > deal with all images
  and I wonder if you have ever seen a stamp album... maybe you saved stamps when you were young? Or maybe you had a friend who saved stamps... and kept them in an album... M Develop the metaphor
Capability and you can take all those images... all those pictures... all the memories and the feelings.... and every one of them can be shrunk down.... and stuck in an album... and when one page is full you can turn it over... and start filling the next page up...   
  and a stamp album is like a photograph album.... only very small.... because there can be dozens of pictures on the one page, maybe hundreds... and every time you turn each page you can forget all those images.... = Reframing
Behaviour you can just let then go into the past... and they will be there forever... like vague memories of messages posted long ago that no one can recall... M  
  and that means you can imagine... each of those images as you put them onto the page.... fading...like tiny pictures kept in the dark...    
  and every time you close a page... they become still pictures.... and they become silent.... and as you flip over each page... you break the connection to those pictures... and eventually put all of the memories.... all of the images... into that album... and you close it firmly.... and it has a little lock on it... and you snap it down and it is locked... and all of those images are safely inside that album....   Suggestions of letting go, closing, .. darkening, shrinking, becoming silent,
  and that album has a dark cover and dark pages.... and as you watch the whole album begins to get darker and darker...and the pictures get darker and darker.... until if you were to open that page again.... you wouldn't be able to see those images because they have faded away...   disappearing
  And I wonder if you can imagine taking that album and putting it away somewhere... in a place where you could leave it... and it would stay there safely for a long time... and you can imagine putting it in that place... and because you can imagine that happening now... you can imagine that place moving away... far away from you now... and that means your mind is changing... and every time you think about it... it loses more of its power... and you feel released... V Metaphor disposing of the images...
  And just allow your mind to do that now.... and take as long as you want... as the changes happen...   Time to process
Capability Because you are thinking about putting those images away and because you are able to change those images that means that you are changing how you think about those old things so every time you start to experience that you can realize that you have a new power now and you can feel better than you have ever felt before. > Self esteem confusion
Capability Because you are undergoing these changes that means those changes will continue...and you are changing forever now... and everytime you become aware of that... it means those changes get easier... so take a few moments now and enjoy that feeling... that new capability you have... to change and keep the change and keep changing... and everytime you feel that change... that means you are changing... and you have changed... haven't you? >  


  And when you think of that [event], how does it seem to you now?   Test original issues