Putting it right Social Justice with Hypnosis
Make it Right
Make it Right
Make it Right

Make it Right with Hypnotherapy

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How to Make it Right

Change your life forever by putting right the past

A special hypnosis metaphor script to show you how to let go of the past and take control of your future.

Magic WaterfallThis hypnotherapy metaphor is about pausing on the journey through life to become aware of how you really feel about things that happened, and getting social justice. It lets you focus on what is wrong in your life and to make it right. Making it right involves becoming aware of the problem, getting rid of the effect of other people's behavior and then confronting the people who have hurt you and making them make it right.

This powerful hypnotherapy script uses metaphor to get the people who have wronged you to apologize and make it right.


Make it Right

A hypnosis script to make right the past


Hypnosis Induction

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Making right the old feeling

  I wonder if you can imagine walking along a quiet road somewhere... and somehow this seems like a familiar road... but it is as if you are noticing it for the first time... really seeing things the way they are... V ambiguity
Memory and as you walk along... it is as if you are becoming aware of your own feelings for the first time... and realize that you are feeling unhappy... something is wrong... with you... with how you live... how you feel about yourself... K change in awareness
  and you realize you are feeling stifled, restricted... smothered... feeling like you are wrapped up in a blanket... separated... unable to breathe...   empathy with situation
  and you come to a little bridge over a stream... and you pause there... and looking around you say to yourself...   decision point
  'I wish I could get free... I wish I knew what the problem is...'   state the problem
  and you walk on...    
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Behaviour And coming back from that experience... you are free to choose to come back to the present or to take some time and decide what you want your future to be.... I Ambiguity
Identity So think about what you want... and when you are ready ... come back to full awareness in your own time... in your own way... all choices are yours now... I Reinforcement