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Change the Past

Change the past

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Change the past Hypnotherapy Script

You can change the past

Change the past. This hypnosis script lets you change the past, get rid of things that happened. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of releasing past hurts and emotional abuse so you can move on in life. This metaphor therapy allows the person to uncover old things that they might not even be aware were a problem, and to safely watch as they happen and then to change the past. It uses a metaphor of a mirror in a room that shows what happened in your past but lets you change the past.

You can't change the past with this hypnotic visualization but you can change how you remember the past, and how you let it affect you. This hypnotic metaphor sets up the old event, then gives you the power to change the past.

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Change the past Hypnosis Script


Kinesthetic Induction Section
  Now take a deep breath... hold it... and let it out....    
  And another breath... and as you breath out... really relax...   Relax the body
  and one more and let your whole body relax... that's right....    
  now become aware of the weight of your body... your arms and legs can go heavy... imagine how they would feel if they were so heavy you just can't lift them...    
  and allow yourself to settle down deeper now...    
Dissociation Induction Section
Memory I wonder if you can remember a child's picture book? The sort of book that has picture and stories and different scenes and different places.....   Dissociation
  imagine opening that book ... and there is a page with a scene outdoors.... somewhere in the countryside... on a hot sunny day....    
  and someone lying in the shade there enjoying the warmth and relaxation...    
  and imagine now... as you relax... even more.... a different page... and there's a warm fire burning in a comfortable room... and a big armchair to settle down in...    
  and imagine now resting in that armchair... feeling relaxed and comfortable... in that calm peaceful place.... and allow your mind to drift off...    
  to a page with a tree... a big tree somewhere... and that tree has roots going down... imagine those roots going deep down into the earth... going back a long way... imagine those roots spreading out... ever wider... ever deeper.... and allow your mind to go deeper... letting go... thinking of those deep roots....    
Mirror transformation metaphor
  and you find yourself walking along a road in the countryside.... and there is a wall beside the road.... and you follow along the wall, a high wall.... surrounding something important....   something hidden
  and you come to a gate.... a big wide gate... and the gate begins to open... and there is path a driveway beyond the gate... and the driveway leads you on...   a way in
  and the path goes through trees and bushes and then round a corner...   indirection
  and you come to a building... a big important looking building... and there are smaller buildings nearby... a pond... bits of machinery lying around... a barn...   lots of resources
  and you go up to the main building... and you reach out and touch the wall... and you feel the surface ... and you trail your hand along the wall... just letting it take you wherever it leads....   guiding the unconscious
  and as you touch that wall... your mind is drifting back in time... to a long time ago... to time when something happened to you... that has never been cleared... something that should not have happened to you... the way it did... something important that it is time to change...   leads to the problem
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