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Self Confidence Hypnosis Script

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Self Confidence Hypnotherapy

Self confidence is a belief in yourself, the confidence to deal with any thing that life brings. This Self Confidence hypnosis script uses the person's own resources to get back the confidence they have lost. Confidence depends on having a positive self image, and confidence can be built by hypnotherapy.

This confidence hypnotherapy script rebuilds confidence through visualization and metaphor. The script uses direct and indirect hypnosis suggestions of remembering confidence, faking confidence, learning confidence, and teaching how to remain confidence in social situations by projecting confidence until you feel real confidence.

Confidence INDUCTION Section

Confidently into trance...
  Use your normal induction and confirm level of trance, then start the therapy section...    


Confidence change Section

Confidence: YOU CAN CHANGE
Rule When people like yourself think about change, they realize that change happens all the time, doesn't it?.   Truism, Tag
  And I'd like you to take a few moments now to experience yourself a little differently...   Dissociation
  to think about possibilities... think about change... think about how to become confident.   Open ended suggestion
Capability You know, [ClientName], people are changing all the time ... every day your body changes... you replace every cell in your body every three months... you yourself changed from a child to a teenager to an adult... automatically and without knowing how...   Truism
Capability and that shows that change is easy and natural for you... isn't it? And you can be c0nfident that... >
Behaviour ... you are already changing in many ways. D Lack of RI
Behaviour You can change the way you dress, you can change the way you work, you can change the words you use to talk to people, can't you?   Truism set
Capability And therefore you can change the way you feel about yourself. >
Sensory distortion
Identity And this means you can easily see yourself become a different more confident person. > Visualization


New Confidence Section

Confidence Capability: YOU CAN THINK DIFFERENTLY
Rule I once met a man in Bombay [use anywhere exotic] who told me the way to get confidence  is 'Fake it till you make it'.   Dissociation
  Now... isn't that an interesting thing to think about?   Tag Question
Capability And I wonder how easily you could imagine what it would be like to 'Fake confidence until you make it.'?    Adverbial modifier
Capability Take a moment now and imagine yourself doing that..., next week or next month maybe,   Visualization
Capability just pretending to be confident... confidently acting confident   Rehearsal
Capability And for you to be confident of being confident you need to be confident in your ability to be confident so you can be confident you can fake it confidently till you make it confidently. And you might have to fake faking it till you can confidently fake faking confidence confidently until you are confident that you can have real confidence faking fake confidence confidently, and you can be confident of that, can't you? D Confusion Deepener
  Henry Ford became the richest man in the world by creating and running the Ford Motor Works. He started life as a farm mechanic but became a success because he had a clear idea of how the world worked.  > Metaphor
  He said something that I think you might want to ponder. 'In every situation', he said,  'it doesn't matter whether a  man believes he can, or believes he can't, he's right'.    Paradoxical suggestion.
Rule So you see, confidence is a matter of believing in yourself. D  
  And I wouldn't tell you to believe in yourself ...   Misdirection
  because, you know, I think you remember how you used to believe in yourself and you know you can again.   Missing RI
Capability There are some things you are already confident about... you are confident about your name... you are confident about how many toes you've got, aren't you?...   Truism



RECONNECTION to Confidence Section

  And I would like you to take a moment now... allow you mind to drift... go back into your memory... allow your mind to range over things you have done in the days and months past... and in years long ago... I want you to go back to a time when you were very confident... every day... in every thing... there was a time when you were naturally confident... and you can think back over your life... even when you weren't confident there were times when your were confident... and find times when you a acted confidently... when you did exactly the right thing... and you knew you were doing the right thing... and get that feeling again... bring that feeling up now... and really feel the confidence you had then... that feeling of confidence that you remember... and now go into your memory and identify every instance ... every time that you acted boldly... and confidently... bring all those memories... every one of them to mind ... right now...   Reconnection
  and when you think about it... there are many things you already feel confident about, isn't it D Grammatical inconsistency
Capability And that means [Client-Name], when you choose to, you can feel totally self-confident about things you choose. = Missing RI
Identity  If you believe you can, you can. D Lack of RI
Identity That's what he said, 'If you believe you can, you can'. D Embedded quotation.



Capability And you are sitting in that chair getting more and more comfortable with yourself knowing you can start to feel self confident now. D Ambiguity
  Every change you perceive means your confidence is rising and giving you a positive outlook. >  
  You may already have begun to realize that you are becoming aware of the changes and I'm wondering how eagerly you're looking forward to using them?   Bind
Behavior The old structure of your life is changing, and making way for a more solid and happier existence. In the days and weeks coming up, you will be free to explore new opportunities and new relationships with confidence. I Open ended suggestion


NEW Confidence CAPABILITY Section

Behavior Before you go into a new situation you take a moment to stop and imagine how good you will feel, I Visualization
Capability and that imagining makes you feel confident because you know as you begin to feel good about yourself your confidence begins to grow. >  
Identity You are filled with confidence. D  
  And I'd like you now to think about some situation you might find yourself in where you need confidence.   Rehearsal
   It could be at work, or a social situation, or something else.     Covering every possibility.
Capability Think about all the ways you can take control of that situation and how good that makes you feel. Imagine yourself dressed exactly right, saying the right thing, using the right gestures... fitting in with what others say, what others expect... showing you are in command of yourself, getting respect. See yourself looking good. Hear your own voice, confident,  sure, convincing.  Feel how you stand, how you move, how you smile..   Rehearsal
  Experience that feeling that comes with total confidence   Sensory
  How good does that make you feel? What part of that do you enjoy the most? Now I'd like you to double that feeling... and double it again.   Fractionation
Bind Expectation
Capability And get used to that feeling because you have the confidence to get that feeling more and more from now on. >  
Behavior And always in situations like that, some little thing you see or feel, reminds you instantly that you have changed now, and you begin that process of building more confidence on your confidence, growing ever more confident.   Anchoring



You are IN CONTROL, self confident now
Rules You feel in control and sure of yourself in every situation.
You evaluate the situation before you choose the best way to react.
You always use the right words and gestures to match the expectations of the other person.
Identity You are secure and confident in every situation. D  
Behavior You always act confident ... D  
Capability ... and your act is so good you convince yourself. >  
Identity You stand confidently, dress confidently, move confidently.
Your voice is strong and steady.
Your handshake is firm and friendly.
You look  people in the eye and you smile easily.
The way you hold yourself... you communicate with your whole body... you let people know you are pleased to see them... you signal that you share their views and values... that you are a worthwhile person... that you look forward to meeting them...
You always know exactly what to say...
Identity Everything about you broadcasts confidence... . D  
  ... .and this makes others react to your inner confidence... . >  
Identity ... .and their reaction confirms you are confident now. >  
Identity You believe in yourself. You know who you are. You like who you are. You know you are as good as anybody. D  


SELF ESTEEM confidence Section

You are confident You are a winner
  I wonder if you can imagine yourself at a gathering, a party of some sort, lots of people are talking, mingling, there are drinks and nibbles and everyone is relaxed and having a good time...   Visualization
  and you enter the room ... feeling great... looking great ... you mingle and greet people... you are dressed superbly... you look well... poised... confident... people look round and smile... ask you to come over... and you just have a quick word and move on...    
Identity everyone admires your poise, your control, your self confidence ... you believe in yourself... you can see it in their eyes... the friendship,... from some... respect, from others... a bit of nervousness as well... some people are unsure of themselves when you are around... you impress them with the way you walk in ... as if you own the place... you belong there... D Sensory
  ...there are many people there... every one you know in fact... people from work... people you know socially... people you hardly know at all... people you haven't seen for years... friends, family, colleagues... all there because you are there.    
Behavior you are the star of the party... it is in your honor... to celebrate how you have changed... how you are showing automatic confidence in every thing you do now... how you make everyone feel good... in your dealings with them...    
Capability and as you talk to this one and that one... you hear snatches of conversation... . "Doesn't [clientname] look so assured? I wonder how (s)he does it?"
 "(S)he's so good at what (s)he does." ...
 "Everyone admires the way (s)he's changed and now takes charge." ...
"I hear there's talk of a new job."
Identity And from further back you hear "[clientname]'s the best son/daughter I could have hoped for." ...
"I have always been proud of her/him even though I maybe never said it. And I am even more proud now." ...
"[clientname] has become everything I ever wanted her/him to be." ...
"Now, it's time for her/him to build on those achievements in her/his own way. (S)he has exceeded everything I ever dreamed of." "[ClientName] can now go her/his own way... (S)he has nothing left to prove to me."
Memory And as you leave that party you take with you  those words you heard... and they become a part of you... burned into your memory... something that you will never forget... at odd moments  those words come back to you ... .. and each time they make you feel good about yourself... D Post Hypnotic Suggestion
Identity And maybe some part of you thinks you don't deserve those words... maybe some part of you doesn't want to believe... many people are proud of you, you know... and you can be proud of what you have achieved... after everything that has happened... it is time for you to reassess what you think about yourself... to really consider if you are being truthful... or if you can now allow yourself to believe the best about yourself... to think about all your good qualities... all you have to be proud of... D  


Confidence METAPHOR Section

You CAN LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND with confidence
  and the feeling that you are taking something away with you is balanced by another feeling, now... because you have accepted those words... >  
  you can leave some things behind as well, ... ideas, feelings, things that have been holding you back... as you leave that room you can become aware of those old things dragging behind you... like the train on a queen's/king's gown... like pulling a broken down car... and now... you turn suddenly and slash out behind you... you cut through the ties...it falls away from you ... you can leave it all behind, can't you... dump things and move on...   Metaphor
  and as you do, you feel a weight lifting off your shoulders... you breath easier... you feel something stir within you... free to change, free to be everything you want, now. D Sensory



Capability Everything you have learned today will help you to understand yourself and others better. D Open ended suggestion
Environment When you believe in yourself, the more you meet new people the more you enjoy the sensation you always get > Sensory
Memory and you forget about how you used to doubt yourself...   Amnesia
Perception because you can always find a moment to remind yourself that they are really looking forward to meeting you...  > Reframe
Expectation ...people are always curious about other people   Truism
  ...aren't they?..   Tag Question


Being comfortable when meeting people is something you can learn. D  
Rules Some people feel that if they don't have something important or clever to say then other people will think they are stupid. The truth is that really confident people always say really simple things. I  
Rules Starting with really simple, unimportant things... like the weather or parking... signals to the other person that you are not a threat, that they can relax when you are around. And that's the most important step in starting a conversation: helping the other person to feel confident. I  
Rules The really confident person, you know, always aims to say something to put the other person at ease... D  
Rules ... and Confident people will tell you 'The simplest way to put someone at ease is to get them to talk about themselves". I Indirection
  Everyone loves talking about themselves, don't they?   Truism, Tag
Memory And when you get people talking about themselves, this means you can forget about your self. You can forget to be nervous. > Amnesia
Capability That shift in your awareness allows you to enjoy relationships, tasks and challenges. > Non sequitur Open ended suggestion
Perception And you can begin to notice those little gestures they use that show their interest and kindliness   Discrimination
Stimulus and you could be surprised    
  at how much you enjoy anticipating that little feeling that comes just before you introduce yourself...   Reframing
Identity ...that tells you you are connecting with your own inner self confidence and so you are reminded every time that you are a confident person. > Sensory Distortion
Behavior The result is you act so relaxed and comfortable around people that you could find yourself noticing and enjoying that little bit more flair and style that comes from your increased confidence. >  
Identity Meeting people is something you look forward to. D  
   and afterwards... you go over in your mind everything you did that made it go so well and so enjoyable... and you feel good about your performance. > Visualization
Identity Meeting people makes you feel good. D  



YOU are confident you HAVE CHANGED FOR EVER
Capability As this session comes an end... in a few minutes... not now... you will find yourself  feeling stronger... more powerful ... different... and with a deep feeling that something has changed... you have rediscovered your natural confidence... you remember how to be confident... you know what to do in situations... you have learned to use old skills and new skills, haven't you?    
  And as you come back to present... as I count... you can allow yourself to imagine what your days will be like from now on...    Visualization
  see yourself getting up in the morning... a smile on your face... feeling good about the day ahead ... before you go out you check yourself in the mirror... that confident person smiles back knowingly... you get to work or somewhere like that... you see how you walk into the room... like you own it... you walk with poise and respect... you look smart... act smart... you greet everyone and see the respect in their eyes... you carry yourself with new self respect.   Rehearsal
  You know to them you look like a different person... and inside there is always that little feeling, the tingle you get that tells you that you have changed... that that confidence is bubbling up inside you like a secret laugh you can't suppress...    
Identity You are relaxed and comfortable  in every situation... confident and self assured. D 'Yes' set
Capability Because you know you have a choice, don't you? > 1. Conversational Postulate
Capability You can choose how you feel, can't you? D 2. Conversational Postulate
Capability You always feel confident now, don't you? D 3. Conversational Postulate
  So now I am going to start counting from five up to one. And when I get to one you will be awake, feeling great and filled with the new feeling...    
  Five... four... three... two... one...    


This Self Confidence hypnosis script reframes the client's perception: it changes the perception from fear of being judged and criticized, to having a task to perform in every social interaction. The task is to put other people at their ease, to make small talk and get them talking. By giving the client a task to do the client's focus changes from internal focus to external focus. The client doesn't have time to worry about what the other person will think, because the client is busy assessing what aspects of the other person to comment on. Because the client is forced to actually look at the other person the act of looking is a trigger for a post hypnotic suggestion to kick in, specifying that what the client will see are signals that confirm the other person's warm regard towards the client.

The script also addresses the client's core belief issues which are usually about feelings of inadequacy, never being good enough. These are replaced indirectly by overhearing remarks that the client has actually arrived at where they are supposed to be, that the client can stop striving because the right level of performance has been achieved. Then the client is given an action metaphor for leaving behind all the things that were holding them back. The final sections relate to common situations where confidence is needed: only one is given here. The therapist can use none, one or several of these depending on the client, and other scenarios can be added to address specific problems.



Colored text indicates what work the words are doing, or helps to structure the script. The colors show which of the therapy aspects are being addressed. See the separate table of therapy targets. Linking text is in blue.

Embedded commands are bold: use analogical marking with these phrases.