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Changing Habits with Hypnotherapy

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Changing Your Habits

Hypnotherapy for Change Script

This script is about change, changing your life, especially changing habits. Habits can affect your life, and changing bad habits often leads to changing your life for the better. The Changing Habits metaphor compares bad habits to patterns of behavior like tracks in the snow. The more times you go over the tracks the more you learn the bad habits. The Changing Habits metaphor then does an NLP Reframe to change the tracks. Further life changes are suggested by visualizing skiing freely instead of repeating the bad habits. Then the Changing Habit metaphor visualizes coming down from the mountain and into a cozy chalet filled with love and warmth. Finally the love is transferred to a physical feeling of contentment and the change is complete.

Changing your habits

  Sometimes a habit is like skiing. At first there is fresh white snow. And when you set off the skis leave a mark behind you, showing exactly where you went and what you did.   Set up the metaphor
  And the next time you go skiing, the tendency is to follow the previous trail, to go over the tracks you made before.    
  and soon, every time you go skiing you are following the same tracks, making them deeper. They help you, guide you, and you know that they lead you automatically until you don't even have to think about it... every time you set off you go down those tracks... you make the track in the snow a little deeper, a little more permanent...    
  and at some point they stop being tracks and become a groove .... become deep and stop you from going anywhere but straight down those tracks... when you start out the skis automatically seek the groove you made and force you to go over the same ground again and again... to travel in the same way...    
  and without realizing it... you are trapped in the same old behaviour... without choices...   Current situation
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  And just imagine later on... snuggling down in bed... maybe with somebody's arms around your body... feeling cozy and warm... K lead them into trance
  and you can start to dream.....   trance
  [use as a lead in to the next metaphor or a formal induction ]    



The Changing your Life metaphor script does not need a formal hypnosis induction before it is used. The hypnotherapist can simply start telling the story and the client will start going into trance. A hypnotic metaphor like this is a good way to put an analytical person into trance. You use the metaphor visualization to distract their mind and then lead them into a formal induction at the end.