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Mind Body Connection

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Hypnosis and Spirituality

Mind Body Connection

A unique aspect of Hypnosis is the way it can open up the mind to feelings of spirituality and personal enlightenment.

Some people feel that formal religion does not allow them to really get in touch with what they know is out there. Many people feel a longing to be part of something greater than themselves, they feel that there is some part of themself that needs to be connected, to be fulfilled. Hypnosis can provide that.


Spiritual Connection

Hypnosis lets you leave behind the problems of everyday living and frees the mind to roam free of the body. For thousands of years mystics have sought ways into trance in order to attain a higher plane, to allow the soul room to breathe, to experience the wonders of the cosmos.
Hypnosis allows the average person to enter that trance state quickly and easily, without spending years learning meditation and without needing to accept someone else's beliefs of what is right and wrong spiritually.

Once in trance each person discovers their own reality. Some people report being bathed in light, others report that they feel a presence nearby, still others have no words for what they felt but are profoundly moved by the experience. Some people spontaneously recall living in another time. It is always different and unique for each person.

Religious parallels

This form of experience does not conflict with any religious teachings, rather it confirms the existence of something other than the here-and-now.

All forms of religion use aspects of hypnotic trance. A traditional church setup is actually designed to induce trance, to allow the believer a personal glimpse into the world of the spirit.

For example, in a traditional European style church the person sits still and does not move, except perhaps to do a simple repetitive task such as counting a rosary. The eyes focus on an image such as a cross or perhaps on a stained glass window. The atmosphere is hushed, ideally there is soft repetitive chanting. The focus of attention on a single point, the silence, or the murmuring chanting, the lack of stimulation, all cause the conscious mind to dissociate and wander off. The inner repetition of words over and over, the calm atmosphere, the gentle breathing, and the lack of distractions induces a state of trance very quickly.

In that state the mind is then free to focus inside, and is very receptive to repeated ideas, words and phrases. The deep meditative state allows the unconscious mind the time and freedom to search for inner resources, and the repetitive words work exactly like affirmations.

In fact, the setup is so good that part of standard religious services are there specifically to stop worshippers from going into trance. The kneeling posture is designed to be uncomfortable to stop them going to sleep, and the frequent standing up and sitting down again and the blasts of organ music are actually designed to keep the congregation alert so they are listening to the message and not drifting off into some world of their own.



The client is put into a relaxed frame of mind, and can choose one of several ways to experience their spirituality. Some people are attracted to images or visions, some love music and repetition, others want to experience a feeling of some presence. Whatever the chosen method, the hypnotist gets the client to go into trance and to allow their mind to drift away until they escape the present reality. Then the hypnotist uses words to gently guide them along their preferred path. By a series of gentle suggestions and carefully sketched visualizations the hypnotist leads the client to a state where they can be open to their own spirituality.