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Tarot Card Affirmations

Tarot Card meanings

Free Tarot meanings. Free tarot affirmation for you. Let the Tarot cards find the right affirmation to change your life.

The Tarot Arcana cards hold the meaning to parts of your life. Click on the Arcana card, consider the tarot meaning shown to you, and choose an affirmation to suit your mood.

The Tarot cards Wands suit is about ideas, beginnings, creativity. Click on the Wands suit, and let tarot meaning create an affirmation for you.

The Tarot cards Cups suit is about emotions and feelings, love and romance. Fit the meaning of the Cups card to the emotional parts of your life. Click on the Cups suit, and use the affirmation to match your feelings.

The Tarot cards Swords suit control and predict actions. Let the Suit of Swords tarot cards reveal their meaning, and the action to take today, using you intellect for business and getting things done.

The Tarot cards Pentacles suit is about money and success in your life. Click on the Suit of Pentacles, learn the tarot meaning of today's tarot card and get the right affirmation for money and success into your life.



Tarot Arcana affirmations for the tarot cards in the Major Arcana.
Arcana: Major long term influences affecting your life

Tarot cards ArcanaThe Tarot cards in the Major Arcana all feature a rich symbolism that reflects significant aspects of the human condition. A major Arcana card represents a major influence, for good or bad. The major Arcana cards indicate a deeper and more profound and long lasting influence at work in your life.

Each Arcana card influences the others, and combinations of Arcana cards with minor cards will multiply the value and strength of other tarot cards.

Click on the card for your Arcana Tarot Card Affirmation.




Tarot Cups affirmations for the tarot cards in the suit of Cups.
Cups: Feelings and Emotions

Tarot Cards CupsThe Tarot cards suit of Cups has to do with feelings, emotions, love, hate, friendship, grief, sorrow, doubt and caring. A Cup in a tarot reading reminds you to pay attention to the play of emotions in you and around you. Cups are always associated with water, and water is ever changing, flowing, moving. Water changes shape to suit whatever container is it in, and emotions change to fit the people you share your world with. Use the Tarot to find the affirmation that's right for you right now.

Click on the card for your Cups Tarot Card Affirmation.

Sign: Element: Water Colors: Blue, purple, pinks



Tarot Wands affirmations for the tarot cards in the suit of Wands.
Wands: Creativity, Energy, Action

Tarot Cards Affirmations WandsThe Tarot cards suit of Wands has to do with boundless energy, everything to do with action - passion, desire, ambition, creativity and thrusting forward. Wands in a tarot reading reminds you to pay attention to the energies swirling around you. Wands are associated with fire, with the co lour red - think of volcanoes and forest fires - destroying the old and creating something new. A Wand in a reading introduces energy and passion to the other cards, a way out, the possibility of rapid change.

Click on the card for your Wands Tarot Card Affirmation.

Sign: Element:Fire Color: Red



Tarot Swords affirmations for the tarot cards in the suit of Swords.
Swords: Rationality and Intellect
Tarot Cards Swords affirmationsThe Tarot cards suit of Swords has to do with difficulties and challenges, and using cool rational thought, logic, intellect, mental processes, and the search for truth and justice. Swords in the Tarot are about being above and separate from the swirl of feelings and emotions. The suit of Swords deals with many of life's recurring situations and suggests a rational, logical response to them. The problems in swords are above the specifics of particular relationships or hardships, and focus on stress and anxiety. Tarot card Swords are associated with Air, with blues and greys. The images on the card are air things: clouds, birds, butterflies. Click on the card for your Swords Tarot Card Affirmation.
Sign: Gemini Element: Air Color: Blues and Greys



Tarot Pentacles affirmations for the tarot cards in the suit of Pentacles.
Pentacles: Wealth and Potential

Tarot Card Affirmation PentaclesThe Tarot cards suit of Pentacles has to do with the material world, with form and substance, the infrastructure of life. A Pentacle in a tarot reading reminds you to pay attention to practical matters and financial issues. Pentacles are always associated with Earth, and earthy things like rabbits, mice, dogs and animals, fruit and flowers and the bounty of nature. Pentacles symbolize the need for physical expression of ideas and feelings, for growth and change.

Click on the card for your Pentacles Tarot Card Affirmation.

Sign: Element:Earth Color: Browns and greens



How to use your TAROT affirmations

The list of tarot affirmations can be used daily or when you need some guidance from outside yourself.