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Hypnosis Scripts that work

Hypnosis techniques that work.

Hypnosis is evidence based and is used in major hospitals around the world. Hypnosis works with personal issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias, addictions, exam fears. It is routinely used to end bad habits like smoking, binge eating, and teeth grinding. It can help with physical conditions like skin disorders, eczema, IBS, pain management. It can relax you for better sleeping and healing after surgery. It can improve performance in public speaking, sports and sexual performance. But getting these changes needs the right techniques. is an introduction and guide for people interested in hypnosis. Key Hypnosis offers free scripts to show how you can use the latest hypnotherapy techniques. The techniques include Parts Therapy, Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Metaphor Therapy, parts of NLP, and cognitive modeling. There is also extensive analysis of Erickson Hypnosis, plus inductions from Dave Elman, Dr Flowers, and other classic hypnotic inductions, and full explanations of the Milton Model, Direct and Indirect Suggestion, and Post Hypnotic Suggestion.

Each hypnosis technique is explained in detail, with multiple examples and case studies.

'This site is better than most text books I have bought!' - Jo, TX.

How to Hypnotize Someone

Hypnosis Induction ScriptsHypnotize Anybody! This section includes a beginner's guide to how to hypnotize someone. Everything you need to become a skilled hypnotist. There is a step by step guide to how to do a Progressive Muscle Relaxation induction and explanations of how hypnosis works. For experienced hypnotists there are examples of instant inductions, trance deepeners and how to write your own scripts.


Hypnosis scripts that actually work.

Hypnosis Induction Scripts This site offers scripts for sale. Your hypnosis and hypnotherapy are only as good as the materials you use. Using the best scripts gives you the best chance of getting top results. Each script is scientifically designed and tested by experts. There are specialized collections for most needs: Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, and many more.

Key hypnosis scripts are special because they are unique: you get comments on every line explaining the hypnotic logic, what hypnosis technique is being used, and how the suggestion work.

Key Hypnosis scripts get results.

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Your money back if these aren't the best scripts you ever had.

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This site isn't just about inductions. You will also find expert pages of information about hypnosis: how to learn it, how to hypnotize yourself, how to use metaphor and visualization and how to master all the various hypnotic techniques. There is also a dictionary of terms, and past life cases. If you are interested in hypnosis this is the place for you.


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Affirmation Techniques


Personal affirmation and Positive quotes. Hundreds of original affirmations for Achievement, Development, Confidence, Empowerment, Encouragement, Faith, Forgiveness, Happiness, Health and Exercise, Inspiration, Letting go , Love, Motivation, Perspective , Procrastination, Relationships, Sales, Self Esteem, Self Help, Smoking, Social Anxiety, Spirituality, Success, Wealth, Weight Loss, Bereavement.

Plus specialized Tarot affirmations.

How to write an affirmation, Affirmations and Goals, Miracle Question, using affirmations


Metaphor Hypnosis Techniques

hypnotic metaphors

How to use Metaphor Therapy. The difference between effective hypnotists and the rest lies in how they use metaphor. The unconscious mind is naturally tuned to stories, examples, parables and fairy tales. Knowing how and when to use these is critical for successful hypnotherapy. This section gives explains how to use metaphors for change and healing. Metaphor therapy can be combined with hypnosis or it can be used in eyes-open therapy. The techniques are explained with examples that include Guided Visualization, Story Telling and Dragon Slaying. There is also a section showing how to design original metaphors.


Visualization Techniques

Visualization Techniques

Visualization is an essential technique in therapy. Guided Visualization works through imagination, vividly experiencing what it is that you want, seeing it in the future as if it were happening now. Under the right conditions your brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined. So to get to the dress size you want vividly imagine having achieved it and your unconscious will work towards delivering it for you. Visualization focuses your attention on how to get it, and your behavior will change to make it happen. Visualization is not limited to images, it also includes sounds and feelings.

Creative visualization, visualization exercises, Sports visualization, Chakra balancing.


Goal Setting Techniques

Goal Setting

Self development techniques you can use for change: setting goals, avoiding limiting thinking, creating your own future. This section explains the techniques necessary to make sure you achieve your goals.

How to Set Goals, Laws of success, Silencing the critical voice, How to say No, the Miracle Question.


Hypnotherapy Techniques: Downloads

Hypnotherapy Download

Hypnotherapy download. You do not need meet face to face to get the benefit. Hypnotherapy can be very effective even from a recording. Of course it depends on the quality of the material. A well produced hypnotherapy download lets people share in the benefits without the cost. These downloads deal with some of the most common problems and offer elegant metaphor solutions: Crystal Mountain, Healing Cloud, Spirit of Time, Catalogue of Magic, Teeth Grinding.


Hypnotism Techniques

What is Hypnosis?

Definition: 'Hypnosis is essentially a communication of ideas and understandings to an individual in such a fashion the he will be most receptive to the presented ideas and thereby be motivated to explore his body potentials for the control of his psychological and physiological responses and behavior.' (Milton Erickson, cited in Haley, 1973, p47).

In everyday terms, a hypnotist deliberately hijacks an unconscious human response to get an effect. Everybody has an automatic reaction to certain words, mental images, bodily states.The hypnotist uses words to trigger these reactions but suggests that it is because of some special power. This causes even more powerful inner reactions that lead to trance.

There is still much disagreement and misunderstanding about the term, even amongst hypnotists. Many theories and models have been developed to define or explain hypnosis, and while each is useful in itself, none is universally accepted. One prominent hypnotherapist collated eleven separate and conflicting views of hypnosis but concluded: 'To date, there is no commonly accepted definition of hypnosis, nor does one seem forthcoming' (Yapko, 1995 p7). About Hypnotism

Covert Hypnosis

This refers to a type of approach that tries to hypnotize someone into doing things without them realizing it. This is not true hypnosis, it is more like a selling technique. The hypnotist carefully watches the other person and then subtly matches their body language, their ways of talking and their way of thinking. This is actually a well known psychology technique called mirroring. Mirroring is a natural way of building rapport, making the other person feel comfortable with you and what you are saying. When you have rapport, others are more likely to go along with your ideas, so to that extent it works. However, the exaggerated claims made on the Internet are nonsense. You cannot make anyone do something against their moral values. You cannot secretly use hypnotism to make women fall in love with you. You cannot make a bank manager lend you money and then forget about it. Sorry, doesn't happen.

Conversational Hypnosis

There are also informal Hypnosis techniques. Milton Erickson discovered that he could mix hypnotic suggestions into an ordinary conversation and have the person act on the suggestions provided the commands were subtly marked in some way. The listener would unconsciously notice that the marked words and phrases were somehow different and while the conscious part of the mind was listening to the ongoing conversation the unconscious part of their mind would be busy wondering about the specially marked words and phrases and in so doing would be open to their influence. Conversational induction puts people into trance, ready for clinical hypnotherapy. This is not the same as covert hypnosis. Example Script

Suggestive Hypnosis

This refers to a technique that is based on direct suggestion. Once trance is achieved, the hypnotist tells the person forcefully that they can do whatever it is they want to do, that they can imagine themselves doing it, that they have now got the ability and will never again not do it. It depends on repetition and finding different ways of saying the same thing. Examples

Analytical Hypnosis

This is the opposite of suggestive hypnosis. Once in trance the person is invited to allow their mind to drift away to wherever it wants to go. The hypnotist asks the person to think about their problem and hopes that because the person is in trance that they will be able to find the reason why they are not able to change, and having realized that, will be able to find a way to change by themselves. The hypnotist does not suggest ways of fixing whatever is wrong, it is the person's own mind that finds the solution.

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Milton Erickson was a perhaps greatest influence on hypnotherapy in the whole of the 20th Century. He influenced NLP and popularized a style of therapy that was radically different and totally original. Instead of being authoritative and using strong suggestions he used permissive suggestions and utilized whatever behavior the patient brought to the session. He believed that there was no such thing as resistance, only hypnotists who didn't watch and listen properly. His technique has now become the standard for all hypnotherapy. Examples

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is the application of hypnotherapy techniques to emotional problems. In its broadest definition it includes all forms of intervention using hypnosis, as opposed to stage hypnosis which is for entertainment, or self hypnosis which is intended for personal exploration.

Clinical hypnosis focuses on mental health and the correction of unhelpful personality, behaviors and attitudes arising from emotional trauma. It may include metaphor, direct suggestion, word patterns and guided visualization to change feelings, memories, habits and unhelpful ways of thinking.

Clinical Hypnosis scripts use a mixture of CBT, mind-body associations, Inner Child, action metaphors and other techniques to achieve results. Other techniques include past life regression, parts therapy and spiritual release. Clinical techniques



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